List of books Main Exam

MPSC Rajyaseva Main Exam Books List

To successfully clear the toughest exam, you have to read many books.  MPSC Success Mantra – The complete Manual will be very useful at the time of your preparation. When you have such a long list of books to study, you will get confused as to how to manage it and how to cover each and every topic. You will also face problems managing your precious time and energy. In this case, this manual will be like a path-showing guide that will teach you how to succeed in this toughest exam.


306 Responses to List of books Main Exam

  1. nikhil says:

    Sir can u plz tell mě is marathi compulsary in mpsc .can i attempt prelims and mains completely in english language…i read somewhere that there is a compulsary marathi descriptive paper in mains ..plz clear my doubt

  2. Nagesh says:

    Sir i am preparing IAS in Marathi medium, chosen Marathi as my optional, please provide mi the book list for all the GS and of Marathi Optional, thanking you for your portal connectivity with aspirants

  3. Rajesh says:

    Hi Sir,

    I am a Working professional and I want to appear for MPSC examination.
    Could you please guide me to manage the study plan and approach so that i can complete the study, practice and revision for exams on time, without skipping the current job as its required/mandate for me.


  4. Krupali says:

    Hello Sir,

    I wish to appear for MPSC Rajyaseva exam 2015. Can you please send me list of books for mains and Prelims exams. Except for languages, I would prefer studying in English. Your guidance would be of great help sir.


  5. GANESH GHADGE says:

    sir, i have complited in 2011. i want prepare of MPSC/UPSC exam. where i should start this exam.

  6. nita fuke says:

    sir mi 12th art chi exam 2014 march la denar aahe. aani mala mpsc &upsc exams madhun carrier karayche aahe .so please sir suggest me for all information about all preprations, books, exam form&all information please replay me sir…thank u

  7. vikrant says:

    I want send me UPSC main exam full syllabus in marathi AND best refers marathi book author name list……

  8. pankaj fasale says:

    Namaste sir,i am preparing for both upsc and mpsc exam but i didn’t join any private coaching class.So i want to know iis it necessary for me to join any class or not.will i succeed without joining any class…

    • AnilMD says:

      @pNkaj, it depends on the caliber of an individual whether he can do it on his own or not. If you know everything about the exam, syllabus, books and magazines to be referred, how to prepare, etc then you can do it on your own otherwise get someone’s guidance. Before joining a class, have a survey about the study material they provide, etc. You can also have a look at our NextGenPGP. All details are available under “Courses” menu on this blog.

  9. Dadasaheb shinde says:

    Extra charges are needed for Aurangabad dist for sending the copy of mpsc succes mantra or not? pls. reply
    thanking you.

  10. Nitesh says:

    Sir, can you please tell me which books I have to read for preparation of STI 2014 main and preli. exam..

  11. Dinesh Jagtap says:

    Dear Sir,
    If possibl then please shair me the exam syllabus & selection procedure for mpsc..


  12. Dinesh Jagtap says:

    Dear Sir,
    First of all i like to thanks you.. for your priceless help for the beginers like me.
    Sir, on the below listed points i want some guidelines from you.. please help me on that..
    1)Sir i am Graduate with Engineering Degree (E&TC)& I very much Ambitious about the UPSC/MPSC
    sir please tell me from where should i start my preparation for these exams.
    2)I am ready for giving 100% dedication towards this. so please guide me which preparation method should i follow.
    3)Also please suggest me which books, notes & study material.. etc to follow for the quality & Less time Consuming output…

    Thanking you..
    Dinesh Jagtap

  13. Vaibhav says:

    Sir,psi chya new syllabus nusar,physical test aani interview kiti marks la astil,as perNEW sylabus 2013

  14. shweta M says:

    sir, I am preparing for upcoming year UPSC exams. so, kindly suggest me name of books for public administration and other subtopics in mains exam in Marathi
    Thank You.

  15. Nilesh kasar says:


  16. Mayur says:

    sir, I am preparing for upcoming year UPSC exams. so, kindly suggest me list of standered books for Political Science in marathi..
    Thank You.

  17. Manali says:

    When the forms will release for MPSC state exams 2013.
    Can u plz mail me dates of these details…

  18. shridhar says:

    Hello Sir, what is to be refer for GS-3?

  19. komal jadhav says:

    2013 chi rajyaseva kadhi ahe.prelium ani mains kadhi asnar ahe?

  20. Ramesh Mali says:

    Dear sir, it is hard for me to use email. i live in a village where i can not access internet..that’s why i asked you about alternatives and not sure about time period of postage.

  21. Ramesh Mali says:

    Dear sir, i want to avail your test series papers for Rajyaseva mains 2012. Can i take your papers personally by paying cash?

    • AnilMD says:

      @Ramesh, our purpose is to provide you the best guidance so we will provide 2 papers everyday by email with a gap of 6 hours between each of the papers so that you do not feel the burden. This way you will be able to solve each and every question. We will also guide you about the exact time duration within which you SHOULD solve each question. That is why we will not give you ALL papers at a time. This is one of our success mantras!!!

  22. Dipak Ghotekar says:

    Sir please tell me mpsc mains total books

  23. akshay dinkar dhumal says:

    sir,is mpsc success mantra book available in english ?

  24. aniket says:

    Request you to post the relevant study material for mains(MPSC)
    Reader language:-English
    please do not redirect to any paid ways to get only the names of the reference books.

    Thanking you,

  25. sangram sawant says:

    sir, i have chess 1ist prize in inter state tournament conducted by all india electriricy sports council, can it be considered for sports reservation , please guide me


  26. pravin ghorpade says:

    sir mala IAS chi tayari karaychi ahe pan prilim maratitun deta yeti ka nahi

  27. ramchandra jagare says:

    sir mi ramchandra jagare maia mpsc adhikari vhaychay mi aata fyba la aahe mi aata pasun abhyas chalu karu shakto ka mala margdarshan kara

  28. Nilesh says:

    Sir, My score is 94 in MPSC exam that happened on 10 Jun 2012. What are the chances of getting entry in main MPSC exam

  29. shilpa says:

    sir mala ss madhe 90 ani sti madhe 154 milale .obc women.

  30. prashant says:

    sir, i hav just finifshed with my graduation …and i m waiting for results…..which is recent exam for which (state services/STI/ASST/or any other direct entry xam under MPSC) i can apply…actually i failed to apply for state services and STI exams …..


    sir mala IAS vhayache ahe pan mala english thodi kacchi aahe. mala marathi madhe IAS hota yeyil ka.ani tyala kiti time lagel.
    ani sir mala mpsc madhe rajpatrik adhikari vhayache aahe.MALA BOOKS VISHAYI MARGDARSHAN KARA.
    please guide me.

  32. prashant says:

    sir, i hav just finifshed with my graduation …and i m waiting for results…..which is recent exam for which (state services/STI/ASST/or any other direct entry xam under MPSC) i can apply…actually i failed to apply for state services and STI exams …..

  33. Suyog Lohar says:

    Hello Sir,
    I have completed My MSc in environmental Science, And would lIke to Give MPSC for Range Forest officer, so for that , in which exam should I appear. I would like to get help from you sir,

    Suyog Lohar

  34. sagar kurhade. says:

    Sir, in your book “mpsc success mantra” includes list of books as per new syllabus of Rajyaseva mains, also is this guided for psi & sti exam, plz reply soon……

  35. sagar kurhade. says:

    My name is sagar(OPEN). I m commerce graduate with 65%. DOB 7th sept 1985.
    Recently i have started preparation for STI EXAM 2013. But i have to be a super-class one. Due to belonging with rural area i m too late to know about this type exams. I know that age limit for UPSC is 30yrs for me, so i accept suggestion from you that shall i go for upsc or mpsc rajyasewa for the post of class-1. Now i m in pune for the preparation of mpsc exams 2013.

  36. sagar kurhade. says:

    Sir, in your “mpsc success mantra” includes list of books as per new sylabus of Rajyaseva also is this guided for psi & sti exam, plz reply soon……

  37. Pradnya says:

    sir which authors book should i refer for mpsc pre and mains exam..i know study circle but they publish books in marathi..

  38. Akshay... says:

    मी अक्षय ,
    सर कलेक्टर परीक्षा देण्यासाठी काय करावे लगते. मला ती परीक्षा दयायची आहे .पण मला त्याची प्रोस्सेस काहीच माहित नहीं .
    प्लीज मला त्याबदल माहिती सांगा ना,,,,,,,,,

  39. sonali bhosale says:

    sir, mala sudha mpscchi exam dyachi ahe maze graduation zalele ahe commerce madhun. Mala 1varsh zalele ahe exam deun. Mala 58%milele ahet. Mala sanga ki me ata exam devu shakate ka ani dyachi asel tar mala pahilyada kay karave lagel ani kase. Plz sir reply fast

  40. sagar lohot says:

    sir me MPSC madhun ACP chi exam deta yeil ka aani ti kashi

  41. Akshay sarvade says:

    sir,mi atta 12th chi pariksha dili ahe mala part time mala mpsc cha abyass karaycha ahe pan mala kahich mahit nahi mpsc cha abyass kassa karaycha mala tya sathi konati pustake wachavi lagtat te saga na…pls sir.

  42. Ushma Rana says:

    Sir, I am Engineer by profession i want to apply for MPSC, plz suggest me which books shall i prefer for both Prelims & Mains?

  43. sarvesh says:

    sir ,
    Mala mpsc gs 1 to 4 sathi books sathi margdarshan pahije plz mala books referance sanga


  44. Milind says:

    Recenty MPSC main exam pattern changed.But from GS syllabus I am confused bcz MPSC aayog are not mentioned total questions. Plz confirmed me that for all GS 150 marks having more or less 150 questiones.

  45. Milind says:

    Please provide the material for main all GS paper.

  46. Pathade Pradeep says:

    myself Pradeep an i am dng M.CS i want guidane for MPSC exams. what can i do.
    plz reply

  47. pratik patil says:

    sir, I want to give both upsc and masc in marathi i am from rural background guide me sir please.

  48. pratik patil says:

    sir i am engineering studant i want to give upsc exam send me list of books in marathi for mains and prelims i am waiting for your answer

  49. pratik patil says:

    sir i am engineering studant i want to give both mpsc and upsc exam send me list of books in marathi for mains and prelims i am waiting for your answer

  50. says:

    sir, 12th science la 60% peksha kami marks asalyavar pan graduation complete asalyavar mpsc ya upsc chi exm deta yeti ka? plz rply

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