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ज्यांना अभ्यास करतांना टेन्शन येतं त्यांनी स्ट्रेस घालवण्यासाठी एक काम करावं: “चार्ली चाप्लिन” किंवा “लॉरेल हार्डी” चा एक सिनेमा आठवड्यातून एकदा तरी पहावा, मस्तपैकी एक ते दीड तास चक्क हसावं आणि मग नव्या जोमाने पुन्हा एकदा अभ्यासाला लागावं. ह्यापेक्षा दुसरं औषध नाहीये मित्रांनो, stress घालवण्यासाठी!!!

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पर्सनल गायडंस साठी आमचा “नेक्स्ट जेन पी.जी.पी. ” जॉईन करा म्हणजे आम्ही सर्व काही तुमच्यापर्यंत पोचवू. आमचा प्रोग्राम तुमच्या घरूनच पूर्ण करता येईल असा आहे. जर्मनी, युके,यु. एस. हून लोक पूर्ण करत आहेत.आता मुख्य परीक्षेसाठी विषय निवडण्याची गरजच नाही.

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उदाहरणार्थ, जर “एम.पी.एस.सी. राज्यसेवा” कोर्स जॉईन करायचा असेल तर खालील प्रमाणे जावे:
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तेव्हा तुम्ही ह्या पेजवर याल:

7,269 Responses to Realise MPSC/UPSC dream through our NextGenPGP and Nano-PGP

  1. manisha says:

    Sir dioursy female sati relaxation ahe ka Mpsc ani upsc made plz reply

  2. manisha says:

    Sir indian foreign service sati pgp course ahe ka tyacha syllabus sarv english ahe ka maze English perfect nahi nahitar rajyasevatun nantar promotion ne tyat jata yete ka

  3. sagar says:

    Sir,i have just given physical exam of psi and jailor group 2
    i want to study for state services and one more year for doing the same
    can i take an extension to join these services( psi and jailor)???

  4. Upsc marati midiam
    Basic pasun sarv books
    Chi mahiti dayvi

  5. pavan sonune says:

    I m preparing for UPSC I don’t have any problem with English, but if I want to express myself better I have to give the exam in Marathi please tell me the source from where I can get the books for upsc mains exam in Marathi my optional subject is history

  6. Yogesh says:

    Hello sir,
    I’m going to be a engineer from 2,3 Months now (B.E mechanical) and because of the low aggregate (<60), I'm in extreme dilemma here.. I mean, I don't want a low paid job… in spite of the decent GATE score, I won't be able to apply for IITs or NITs.. and as I'm not that economically sound, I can't think of good MBA institutes either…so, to become a successful person only way that I can think of is MPSC/UPSC.. pardon me for the craps,, here is my question= am I too late to start preparing for it?? Bcoz most of the guys I met started preparing from the middle of graduation… and what's the first thing I should do,, should I start reading NCERT books or something???

  7. pravin says:

    sir, sti chya paper madhe Roll no fill kartana majyakadun chukichya golavar fakt ek barik pin point spot jhala..mala to lakshat alyabarobar mi right gol bharla..
    tyacha kahi effect hoel ka??

  8. Gaurav Savale says:

    Hiiii Sir,
    Mi aata paryant mpsc che 2sti & ek assistant & rajyaseva attempt dila aahe tar ajun kiti attempt deu shakto mi.
    Aata paryant total 4 attempt dile aahe
    Total kiti attemp deu shakto

  9. shirish says:

    Respected Sir,
    Your blog site is a damn garbage. i had requested various information in an almost 30 times, but you didnt replied me atleast for one time.

  10. garad ajay says:

    hello sir my name is ajay and i am in last year of e&tc engg. i want to do mpsc in my related subject of electronics and telecommunication so what was the syllabus for it and which books i prefered

  11. akash says:

    sir mi may 2015 mdhe mazi last year graduation exam dein…
    tyamule october or november 2015 mdhe mala degree milel..
    tar mi may mdhe honari mpsc rajyaseva ani august madhil upsc prelim deu shakto na??
    tevha mazakde degree kahi problem nahi na yenar?? plzzz reply.

  12. datta patil says:

    Sir st cast cha sti pre cha cut off kiti asel?

  13. Aniket says:

    Hello AD,
    Can we write MPSC \ STI in english.
    What all deatils are covered under Eprospectus

  14. Prashant Khedkar says:

    Hello Sir, I Prashant Khedkar.
    Sir i want to know what will be the expected cut off for STI Prelim 2014?

  15. pravin says:


  16. Sunil Vasant Kondikire says:

    Hi Sir,
    Me Ek Software Engineer ahe ani HCL Technology madhe last 18 month pasun as Software Developer mhanun kam karat ahe ani maze age 24. Mazi mpsc karanyachi khup icha manapasun ahe . But mi confuse ahe ata ki job quit karun mpsc tayari karu ki, job karat karat che mpsc che preparation karu. Plz mala help kara mi khup confuse zalo ahe descision ghetana.

  17. Aniket says:

    Hello AD,i read all your article & i really felt good.
    My question is i have completed by graduation from Open University & now i am working with MNC Org in Banking process.
    I want to apply for STI exam & if i get passed whether maharashtra goverment take the candidates who has done the graduation from Open University OR do they want the candidates only from some of the recognize university.
    Please help me with this?

  18. Shriram says:

    Sir, Regarding MPSC prelims cutoff …. Do we have to get a minimum cut off separately in paper I and paper II in order to qualify for the mains ??

  19. Anil matkar says:

    sir interview sathi konatya documents compulsory ahet

  20. jalindar says:

    Sir, i think sti cutt off 35 to 40 asel.. Aapale andaj kiti asel..

  21. Lakhan says:

    HI Anil Sir,,
    Sir I filled MPSC pre exam form. But while entering details i entered chest size as 79 (regular) and 84 (inflated). 2 days later on (applying successfully) i come to know that for DCP chest size should be 84-regular and 89- Inflated., else u will not considered for these posts. Sir i am trying to update it now, but its not affecting on exam form. Can I change these details at the time of main exam form or not. please clear if not suuggest any other method so that i can change this information.
    Thanks in advance….

  22. santosh says:

    sir rajyseva2015 cha form bhartana post select kartana you are not applicable to set this post prefrence yet hote pan form bharlya gela mala kadle nahi ki ka ase zale asnar kay mi exam deu shakanar nahi ? mi exman ahe chalan online bharle sagale vyavsthit zale pan post baddal rahale pls sir help kara.


  23. sunil says:

    Respected anil sir
    i regularly follow ur guidance.
    i wanted know that sir ,cut off mention for rajyseva prelims (RS Prelims) is 138 out of 400 (paper 1+ paper 2) or what?
    thank in advance

  24. shrikant jadhav says:

    Dear Sir,
    I wish to pursue MPSC & want to achieve Dy. Collector post. I have seen in Maharashtra people from other department such as revenue dept, Tehsildar they reach to Dy. collector post after 10-15 years of experience. But what is the promotional growth path of Dy. collector? What is normal time required to become Promo tee IAS (or get absorbed in IAS cadre)?
    Shrikant Jadhav

  25. dev says:

    sir mi sadya second year la aahe. mala psi chi tayari karaychiy margdarshan kara.

  26. sneha says:

    Sir mi sneha mi B tech in food technology krtey mla mpsc dyaychi ahe tr mi kontya post sati dyawi je maza degree la related ahe mi Maharashtra Agricultural Services Group A & B sati apply karu shakte ka?? Ani mla food inspector honya sati mpsc ch dyawi lagel ka??

  27. Digambar Bhise says:

    Dear Sir,
    Good evening!
    My age is 40 & catagory is SC. l am also Handicapped (PH). So, is there any chance to me to give the MPSC exam?. Please guide me. Thanks!

  28. Mayur Suryawanshi says:

    Presently I am working in a bank, and preparing for MPSC.
    I have done my schooling in English , I am finding quite difficult to read the material in Marathi, so I am focusing on NCERT and other books available for Civil Services, Am I on the right track, as I am missing History/geog/Economy of Maharashtra, also I am focusing more on Wizard magazine.. please help

    • AnilMD says:

      @Mayur, books for History are very easy to understand in Marathi (you have no other choice also !!!) so read books in English as well as Marathi, For geography also same combination. For Economy, you can refer school textbooks of 9 to 12th, economic survey and other economic documents of Gov Of Maharashtra on their respective websites. For other topics of economy, you cna refer standard reference books of UPSC. Happy?

  29. omkar jadhav says:

    good morning sir. sir I am studying in third year engineering and I have one year droo in engineering. si I want to ask whether I will face any problem in interview or not?? what can be views of interview panel.

  30. nikita s. mhatre says:

    Hello sir
    mi nikita s. mhatre maz d.ed complite zal ahe mla upsc kiva mpsc madli konti exam easy padel? ani maz graduation ajun complete nahiye mi jr hindi vidyapith kiva kontyahi eka mukt vidyapithatun gradution complete kel tr chalel ka?
    pls rply kindly

  31. mohini says:

    sir, mi obc female asun mala psi mains la 94/200 aahe, physical la 96/100 aahe mazha interview 15-20 mins chala pun mala 2 questions che ans ale nahi.sir plz plz mala sanga ki obc female che merit kiti lagu shaken?

  32. santosh says:

    Sir 1)optional ani compulsary subjects konte? 2)micro notes kashya kadhavyat ?
    3)konti books follow keli pahijet ?

  33. Sharad says:

    सर तुम्ही शंका निरसन करता ती चांगली गोष्ट आहे. त्यामुळेच जास्त hits आपल्या blog ला मिळतात. तरी आपण विविध advertisement company शी संपर्क साधून त्याच्या जाहिराती publish करून काही कमाई करु शकता

  34. umesh shinde says:

    Sir majha mulga 8the standerd made ahe tyane upsc chi tayari atta pasun karavi ka ani karavi tar tyane konti pustke vachavi

  35. prajakta chavan says:

    Sir my name is prajakta i have just completed my graduation from bachelor of acounting & finance from Mumbai university so for accounting field related which exam i can give? plese reply..

  36. Vaishu says:

    once again come with few question:
    1.I want to know any book avilable with previous year question -answere of mpsc papers. Or any other source to know Mpsc Question paper pattern.m out of flow since 2 n half year.
    2.As i am prepaering for 2016, hows succsess mantra mannual will work for me? How do i follow it.
    3.Sir Also suggest me online gudienece course avilable in your blog,for student like me
    ( married girls studying n giving exam from
    Thank you

    • AnilMD says:

      1. You should go to mpsc website and download all the official question papers along with their answerkeys.
      2. Manual is written as a guidance book wherein you will find answers to all your queries. Study methods and plans are given in it along with syllabus and list of books to be referred.
      3. We have PGP that you can complete from your home itself. Please refer/explore “Courses” menu on the blog for PGP 2015-16.

  37. Shweta says:

    Dear Sir,
    I need to know about horizontal reservation.
    Aatachya RS madhe tyani open female cha result kasa lawlay? Tyat reserve chya muli aahet ka? Karan form bhartana reservation asunhi aamhi ardhi fee bharali aahe. Tyaveli horizontal reservation cha mudda astitwat navhata.
    Need yr reply urgently.
    Thanks in advance.

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