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New Syllabus and paper pattern for Rajyaseva Mains (English & Marathi) from 2016

6th edition of my book “MPSC Success Mantra – The Complete Manual” has been released on 8th July and copies of it are being sent to those who had booked it since last 8 months.


MPSC -Age increased !!!

Expected Cut Offs – RS Pre 2016

मागील एक महिन्याच्या पेंडिंग क्वेरीज आहेत तर जुन्या क्वेरीज पासून रिप्लाय करतोय, नव्याने प्रश्न टाकले गेलेत त्यांचेही उत्तर वेळेवर देईलच. तुमच्या पेशंस साठी धन्यवाद. परत परत प्रश्न टाकू नका, तुमच्या क्वेरीचा नंबर येईलच.

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पर्सनल गायडंस साठी आमचा “नेक्स्ट जेन पी.जी.पी. ” जॉईन करा म्हणजे आम्ही सर्व काही तुमच्यापर्यंत पोचवू. आमचा प्रोग्राम तुमच्या घरूनच पूर्ण करता येईल असा आहे. जर्मनी, युके,यु. एस. हून लोक पूर्ण करत आहेत.आता मुख्य परीक्षेसाठी विषय निवडण्याची गरजच नाही.

जो कोर्स जॉईन करायचा आहे त्यासाठी वर मेनू बार मधील “Courses” वर जावून “2016” किंवा  “2017” ह्या मध्ये जावून मग हवा त्या कोर्स वर क्लिक करावे.

उदाहरणार्थ, जर “एम.पी.एस.सी. राज्यसेवा” कोर्स जॉईन करायचा असेल तर खालील प्रमाणे जावे:
  • “Courses” –> “2016” –> “MPSC Rajyaseva 2016”

8,190 Responses to Realise MPSC/UPSC dream through our NextGenPGP and Nano-PGP

  1. Avinash says:

    Sir I belong to obc category and so I applied to state services pre from obc cat. But there was option to apply from both open and obc cat. Now I feel somewhere I have made a mistake by applying only from obc cat. Sir please tell how it will affect my post choice and selection.


  2. Bhushan says:

    When will be state service 2016 preliminary result declare…???

  3. Prasad says:

    Hello sir/mam i am preparing for mpsc.. I want to become an police officer .. my qualification is bsc in degree.. Aim to to crack mpsc n become dy.sp(class 1)bt someone said me that for dy.sp i need to have compulsory degree in science or enginerring.. but as i am eligible for mpsc can i become dy.sp? Am really worried now.. plsss guide me

  4. suraj chate says:

    sir,i am in final year of B.B.Sc nursing .i am doing this course from deemd university .so nursing student can apply mpsc and upsc exam? help sir

  5. teja patil says:

    sir,…mazyakade kabbadi hya game che “mahila ani gramin state level” che certificate ahe….tr me sport madhun mpsc exam cha form bharu shakate ka?

  6. sharad bhonde says:

    Sir me 12th exam nahi dili pan purv pariksha deun ycmou madhun Graduation complit kal sir mala mpsc /upsc exam deu shakto ka?

  7. Sandy Patil says:

    Happy Guru pournima sir,
    Mi IIIE(Indian institute of industrial engg.) madhun Degree complete keli aahe, Mains cha form bhartana / Interview appear jhalyavar, degree certificate show karav lagel ka mark list chalel.

  8. Rushi says:

    Got MPSC Success mantra 3 days ago & I read it to the fullest in a single sitting, I admire u for the book sir,Gr8 work!

  9. Priti Kale says:

    Respected Sir,
    If the GST bill is passed by Rajyasabha then,it may come into force. Sir, I wanted to know whether it will have any effect on STI-Asst/ STI examination and recruitment ? Whether, STI examination will be continued for at least 1-2 years??

  10. kish123 says:

    Sir I belong to NT-B & handicapped with 44%.
    got score in Mpsc prelim 2016 is 108.
    I m conflict now for this-
    is there any chances for cracking prelims.? if yes then
    Which reservation allow to me for this marks;
    caste or handicaped(PH)?
    What will be the cut off for PH??.

  11. Shruti says:

    sir maza ha pahilach attempt ahe apply karnyasathi mala guidence havay kuthlya post sathi apply karayla pahije ata tari don post sathi chi requirements ahet..

  12. Shruti says:

    Hello sir
    I hv completed BE in IT and I want to apply for exam of tax assistant but I am not aware about posts which I should prefer for…..So plz help about this last date is 30 july to apply

  13. gouri says:

    sir,i m 4th year engineering student can i appy for trial exam of mpsc or i have to really pass out for real exam attempt?

  14. sapna says:

    Hello Sir

    Plz give reply for my question

    Rajyaseva post will increase??

  15. Dev More says:

    sir.ya varshi maze gradutuation zale.and mi first sti dili maza score 31 aalay.pudchya varsichya rajysewa prilims sathi aattapasun kasi tayari karu.

  16. aayush kulkarni says:

    Sir i have one question if anyone selected for sale tax inspector or assistant in mantralaya in maharashtra then if he want to give exam of upsc then Maharashtra government approve or permission for that employee to give exam of upsc because Maharashtra government bond process are their so respective department approve his permission to appear for upsc exam????

  17. Supriya yogesh gavas says:

    Hiiii sir
    i have completed my graduation in commerce. i want to be a dysp officer. So i was eligibility for this exam

  18. Mayur says:

    Hello sir I am Mayur, As I have promised (Last time had asked you a question regarding guidance fr prelims), I prepared really hard for a month for prelims and got 155 marks as per 1st answer key. Hopefully I will clear prelims. I need guidance for mains exam. I’m from engineering background and need to make most from 1st attempt itself. Thanks in advance!

  19. Aditya says:

    सर STI 2015 pre. Exam साठी online course आपल्या blog वर आहे का?

  20. Manisha says:

    Can you please tell me what is gat A to Gat D of the Rajya seva exams?

  21. vrushank swami says:

    My name is vrushank.
    I gave 10th exam. In future i want to become loco pilot. So, could you please tell me what should i do.

  22. Sir Namskar,
    Mi Nilesh Dudhal dombivlit ( kalyan ) yethe rahto maze age 28 ahe mala Mpsc Psi & STI, Assistance preparation karaych ahe . Mala Syallbus Books konte use karave yabddl information dyavi tasech m job kart aslyamule study plan sangava. tasech english q baddl thodi mahiti dyavi

  23. amar patil says:

    sir, STI che tayari 45 days karta yaeal ka? roze kiti study karava lagel

  24. Mahesh says:

    Sir,Please help
    I got 155 marks in both papers. As per Sirs cutoff its par score.
    I gave 2 mains 2012 and 2015 of Mpsc and 2 of 2014 2013 upsc.In last year exam i had 114 but sbc cutoff was 106 . When calculated score I thought i will not clear so not studied and concentrated on upsc . In upsc i scored 125 in GS and was confident that I will clear. But reverse happened MPSC cleared and not upsc. Post result started studying . MPSC mains result missed cutoff by 3 marks for interview.
    But I was very much surprised to see just 45 marks in English as I wrote accurate grammar and my writing is good . But in marathi all the grammar was wrong but then also they gave me 57 marks.
    Some candidates got 70-75 marks in english and why my score is such low ?
    Can anybody know procedure to get xerox of my paper from MPSC .Please help

  25. Avinash says:

    सर माझी पाहिली वेळ होती mpsc देण्याची । माझा स्कोर 140 येतोय। सर मला mains crack करायची याच attempt मधी। मला मेन्स साठी language चा विशेष करून मराठी चा प्रॉब्लेम येतोय। त्याचा अभ्यास कसा करायचा याचे मार्गदर्शन करावे। ही विनंती।

  26. Prateek says:

    STI pre & mains संबधित माहिती हवी आहे..
    परीक्षेचे स्वरूप व syllabus…
    तसेच तयारी साठी काय वाचावे ?
    thank you!

  27. vishal karande says:

    Hi Sir,

    Is it compulsory to have Science/ Engineering degree for DYSP Maharashtra ?

  28. Dr.Sandip says:

    Sir I want to know time scale promotions for Deputy collector and DSP.

  29. Amol suryavanshi says:

    hello sir,

    I am amol suryavanshi recently applied for the STI post. but i hav forgotten my username and password. how i should get it back.

  30. navanath patil says:

    Sir me btech in 3rd year chemical technology la ahe mala mpsc dayachi ahe mg sarvat pahile me ky kru?karyacho preparation kru?mala kahich samjt nahi kothun sarvat kru? sir plz help me

  31. sachin says:

    Dear Sir Now I Am Prepared Of MPSC, Please give Advantage.
    Now i am Confuse About MPSC Study.
    Which Use Books First For Reading Of MPSC

  32. Sagar Jadhav says:

    Sir mi 12 VI arts kartoy ata nantar kashala aadmition gheu saag aani mala Mpsc aani upsc karayache ahe please mala saag kay karu aani abhyass kasa karu

  33. सर,
    UPSC CS च्या interview मध्ये optional subject च्या संबंधित प्रश्न विचारले जातात का ?

  34. shital sojwal says:

    hello sir , me shital sojwal , me bhms kela ahe mla BDO post sathi apply karata yeil ka plz margadarshan kara .. thank you

  35. amol says:

    sir mazhi vay aata 27 aahe parantu mi aata ya vayat mpsc chi tyari karto aahe pan mla asha vatate ki mazha abhyash honar nahi ya vichart padato aaai aani abhyash pahaje tevdha hot nahi

  36. Anmol says:

    Mazhi vay 27 aahe aani mi aataparyant mi kutlish exam chi tyri kela nahi aani mazha 2016 la M.A ecinomics complet hot aahe parantu mla mpsc chi preparation karayache aahe parantu mi aata paryant pakka vichar krto pan kadhi khadhi vichar krto ki sarve sodun ekhada job karun rahava pan mla kahi tari guide kra karan aata paryant mazha kutlash subject pakka zhala nahi khub vichar krt basto kahi tari sanga

    • AnilMD says:

      @अनमोल, शक्य झाल्यास मला अकॅडमी ऑफिस मध्ये येऊन भेटावे, कदाचित मी तुमच्यातील आत्मविश्वास जागवू शकेन ह्याची मला खात्री आहे. एक दिवस आधी माझी appointment घेवून मगच यावे. येणे जमत नसेल तर मग माझे पुस्तक “एमपीएससी सक्सेस मंत्र – द कम्प्लीट मनुअल” वाचावे.

  37. sanjay says:

    Sir maja nav sanjay mala psi hoycha ahe mi 12 th commr, made keli ahe tar mi 15 vi y.c.m madun purn karnyachi yechya ahe tar he chalel ka mukth vidyapit

  38. suraj bhimashanker choudhari says:

    sir mi solapuracha ahe. Mi sadhya 11th made ahe. Mala upsc mpsc dyayachi ahe tar mi kay karu?????

  39. Chetan mote says:

    mi bsc agriculture la ahe .
    mi upsc ani mpsc mdhe kontya post sathi apply kayla calate

  40. akash jadhav says:

    sir, my name is Akash and I need help for making time table of psi and sti exams syllabus.please

  41. swapnil says:

    Sir , is there any specified wt. for the subjects included in RS pre syllabus ? eg. in paper 2 they usually ask 50 Q on reading comprehension.. so is it fixed or they follow tradition ? As UPSC pre wt pattern is not fixed so can it b possible for RS Pre exam ?

  42. nitin bhalchandra kandale says:

    this is most inportant information in upsc and other prepration student

  43. parvez mulla says:

    Hello sir, maza nav parvez mulla. me B-Tech Electronic passout aahe. maza sadhyach vay 33 aahe. aani me eka software company madhe, software developer mhanun kaam karat aahe. mala Goverment job karaychi aahe tari me kontya pariksha devu shakto aani. tyachi tayari kashi karu.

  44. Chetan solanke says:

    Sir mla upsc che old paper kutlya web vr milatil

  45. Chetan solanke says:

    Sir mla upsc daychi ahe tri mla saglyat pahile kutle book vachave lagtil

  46. swapnil sabale says:

    sir, me swapnil sabale kolhapur cha aahe.. Aata me 12 th arts madhun exam dili aahe. and I will get more than 90%. sir tumhi sangitlya praman aadhi pasunch mpsc preparation suru keli aahe. sir BA la me admission kontya collage madhi gheu(punya madhi) jenekarun mpsc preparation sathi mala ankhi madat hoil. and now I am giving exam of SYBA from YCMOU OPEN UNIVERSITY. sir already i m doing BA. so i m confused what to do after 12 th.

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