Disadvantages of Ready-made notes and Lectures

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Disadvantages of ready-made notes:

  • Ready-made notes are brief (short), point-to-point items that can be easily read but you cannot understand the whole topic, isn’t it?
  • They don’t give you complete understanding of the subject.
  • The examiner can easily recognize that the answers are written based on ready-made notes because they know each and every bit of the subject.
  • Important notes are nothing but crap. It is always best to read the core areas and prepare your own notes.
  • Ready-made notes are written long back and they don’t contain the day-to-day-happenings on the given subject. You should read the Editorial sections of the newspapers.
  • Ready-made notes DO NOT allow you to think independently, they make you follow them, thereby limiting your own thoughts.
  • Answers, if written on the basis of ready-made notes, aren’t considered as genuine.
  • Ready-made notes do not represent bigger picture of the subject which you can get if you read the reference books.
  • Ready-made notes cannot compete with reference books, no way!

Disadvantages of lectures:

  • Every person who gives you lecture is a human being just like you. He/she teaches you after reading it from the reference books, so why can’t you do it yourself?
  • You spend precious time on travel for the lectures.
  • No one can give you everything in a couple of hours’ lecture.
  • You lose attention after 20-25 minutes.
  • You are made to write down main points so your complete attention is on this one and you lose the main focus.
  • The Lecturer thinks that every student’s intellectual capability is same so as the level of understanding; but this is not good for every student.
  • Not every one can deliver effective lecture so the benefits are less.
  • Lectures do not teach you analytical thinking, which is a must for MPSC/UPSC exams.
  • A lecture is forgotten after 48 hours.

DO NOT waste your precious money and time over ready-made notes. You must prepare notes on your own after careful and in-depth study of the reference books.

You only need proper guidance and nothing else. Your hard work pays in the end.

Believe in yourself and do it on your own!!!

We at AD’s IAS Academy DO NOT provide ready-made notes and DO NOT conduct any Lecture.

We provide you the key to your success and the growth towards your Aim!!!


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14 Responses to Disadvantages of Ready-made notes and Lectures

  1. ShitalG म्हणतो आहे:

    MPSC studies sathi Classes chi kharch grj aahe ka?
    ki self study krun hi yash milu shakte?

    thank you

  2. Vaishali Karande म्हणतो आहे:

    Hi, I am working women, I want to give MPSC Exam and want to clear it in one attempt. Should i refer High school books and graduation books for preparation? Please suggest me the books .

  3. mahesh gopi chambela म्हणतो आहे:

    I have a general query.. I am from english medium and find marathi coaching and guidence difficult …i want proper guidence for mpsc ,psi,sti etc exams in english also wana no which books to prefer in english … I am good in spoken marathi whereas i have difficulty in understanding basic marati words which we dont use in day to day life for e.g latitude longitude etc when said in marathi becomes difficult for me to understand …i want proper guidence…please mail me an appointment or sms or a call would be helpfull..my nmbr is 9167077785 ..thanking you

  4. ranjan म्हणतो आहे:

    hello sir,pls tell me where can i get detailed guidence about general mpsc exam?

  5. Thakur avinash म्हणतो आहे:

    Please sir, to give me list of book & que.paper of general studies in marathi.

  6. TruptiCharpe म्हणतो आहे:

    Could you please tell me which books to reffer for Geography and public administration ( in marathi medium) and can I get few question paper for both ?

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