You Must Change Your Destiny

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Dear Friend, “who you are today?”

Ask this question to yourself before you go any further down this article.

Today, you may not be something but in 2012, you can be something. For this to happen, (you are the only decision maker) so take your first positive step NOW. Time is still there to start.

If you are 100% loyal to yourself, you can achieve your goal, right?

Your career may not be the same in 2012, if you start making the changes NOW.

MPSC State Services (Rajyaseva) /UPSC Civil Services exams are the gateway to your new world. Any graduate from any stream is eligible for these exams.

Soon, the advertisements for the above mentioned exams would be released by MPSC/UPSC. Do not wait for the advertisements to come out and then start your preparation for these exams. You should start RIGHT NOW if not started earlier. There is time available in your hands so do not let it go, take advantage of it, okay?

Read all posts mentioned on this blog and educate yourself of the exam process and plan your preparation accordingly. If you still get doubtful or something is not understandable, contact me, I am there to help you. my friend.

We have developed PGP (Personal Guidance Program) for 15/27 months, it’s different. I am not advertising it but I am making a claim that our PGP is going to make certain changes in your life. Your destiny is different today but we can change it through our PGP. Many people from remote places have joined it.

If you are unable to change your destiny yourself, we can help you change your destiny through our PGP!!!


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AD's IAS Academy Nashik provides excellent Personal Guidance Programs for aspirants of MPSC and UPSC Exam.
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5 Responses to You Must Change Your Destiny

  1. sarang t म्हणतो आहे:

    i m now in my 2nd yr.
    i feel mpsc is much much easier than upsc. hence wud u recommend me to first qualify the mpsc and then go for upsc as we all know upsc is very dicey.
    and r there any summer or winter courses available of may be 2 months so that we may build the base

  2. harshad patil म्हणतो आहे:

    i m in 3rd yr of engg i want 2 give mpsc & upsc in 2012 iwant proper guidance for dis exam plz suggest me

  3. harshad patil म्हणतो आहे:

    i m in 3 rd yr of engg i want 2 give mpsc & upsc in 2012 i need proper guidnce forr this exam plz suggest me

  4. harshad patil म्हणतो आहे:

    i m in 3rd yr of engg i want 2 give mpsc & upsc in 2012 i dnt hv proper guidance for dis exam plz suggest me

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