Excellent Guidance At Your Doorstep

Important Notice From MPSC About Form Filling

Hi Friends

So everyone is busy and confused now after seeing the MPSC State Services (Prelims) 2011 notification?

There is no need to be because what was absent in previous years is NOW available and that too at your doorstep, you need not to go anywhere neither attend any class. We did a lot of research during past few years and then came out with unique Personal Guidance Program (PGP) for all those aspirants of MPSC and UPSC who were not able to undergo any sort of coaching. In fact, there is no need for it but one needs personal guidance. There are courses all over Maharashtra and India but there was no PGP like ours.

This is “decision time”, do not lose your chance of getting through MPSC State Services (Rajyaseva) 2011; make your decision right now. We will take care of everything, why do you worry?

There are only 45 days left and each day it will keep on reducing, so as soon as you make your decision of taking on this exam, let us know. We will send you the Registration Form and other documents so that you can join from the comforts of your home. Soon after the Fees is received in our bank account, we will send you a set of 12 to 20 books, to start with the preparation. We will also send you 1st study plan for next 12 to 15 days. After that you will receive our 24×7 guidance so that you complete your whole syllabus for MPSC Rajyaseva Prelims 2011 well-in-time. OK!

Are you repeating the same mistake again? I mean, are you TRYING this time with just 2 or 3 books? Sorry dear, you will not make it this time, too. Believe us, you will repent it later. You need at least 15-20 books for MPSC Rajyaseva Prelims. We have done a lot of research so if you are a serious aspirant of this exam, then follow our advice and get through the upcoming exam.

Make your decision right now to save your precious time. Call me on 8698277829 or send me email at adia.ozr@gmail.com and ask for Registration form and fee details.

Throw away your tension and confusion. Never think that you cannot do this time because of less time available for the preparation. Then, why are we here for? We are here to help you prepare for this toughest exam. Leave everything to us and we will plan your success. Join NOW else you will lose another year.

“A Right Decision Can Make Your Career!!!”


About AnilDabhade

AD's IAS Academy Nashik provides excellent Personal Guidance Programs for aspirants of MPSC and UPSC Exam.
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