Rajyaseva Prelims Postponed.

Hi Friends

Rajyaseva Prelims 2013…. postponed.

More details soon……..

Once again my prediction is 100% correct. What everyone is analysing NOW was well analysed by me on 2nd Apr 2013.

Here is proof: See “Note”: https://anilmd.wordpress.com/2013/04/02/mpsc-profile-needs-to-be-refilled-urgently/ 

May be it will be either on 5th or 12th May or 2nd or 9th Jun 2013.

Please wait for official notification about this and also about change in exam centers as well as fee payment.


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42 Responses to Rajyaseva Prelims Postponed.

  1. pallavi says:

    Thanks sir me mpsc la tumhi sangitlyapramane fax through contct karun centre change karu shakle

  2. amol.g. says:

    sir,i have called mpsc office so many times for change in center by mistake. but they did not give any response to me .phone line is always showing busy.can i contact mpsc through e-mail . or is there any way to contact?

  3. prasad patil says:

    i got selected as STI..I dont hav idea abt training…where does the training take place and for how long?sir can i extend my training ….where is the actual job place

  4. pallavi says:

    Sir my problem happened with centre bymistake I fill another centre from previous so for getting previous centre how do I contact with mpsc plz reply sir

  5. amol.g. says:

    sir,mpsc has given recent notification that,students those who did not updated their profile,update it immediately ,and give previous center as it is .but in previous notification MPSC did not mention explicitly about center.and by mistake i have given another center .so what should i do.please reply me .i am waiting for your valuable reply.

  6. Kiran M says:

    First of all thank you very much Sir for giving us moral support during the last few tensed days.
    As State services exam has been postponed, do we need to prepare current affairs of march-april as well??? april month che pan magazines vachun current affairs update karava lagel ka??? pls help…..

  7. Pravin says:

    dear sir,
    psi/sti/assi hya exams kadhi hotil????

  8. anand says:

    sir prelim 12 may la asel asa mhanat ahet pan sir 12 may la LIC AAO chi pan exam ahe..

  9. ujju says:

    Please tell me sir,
    In UPSC Mains optional subject need to choose one or two Different Optional subject according to new syllabus change

  10. pallavi says:

    Hi sir ,maza ek problem zala ahe .me kal profile punha refill keli tevha mazyakadun wrong centre choose kelya gele .adhi me amravati choose kele hote pn kal ahamdnagar choose kelya gele n te save zale.sir plz tell me me te change kru shakate ka and adhi amravati hot n ata ahamadnagar choose kelya gel tar maza form tr reject honar n plz reply sir.

  11. Dr. Ajay Patil says:

    Thanks, this is helpful. Blog helped to stabilize a lot during these two days, Regards!!

  12. Rakesh Ahirrao says:

    Oh sigh of relief…thanks sir for keep updating…truely u r reliable source…m always check ur blog 1st b4 visiting mpsc website…cause it give me more comfort!

  13. Hem says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am following your website for a long time and I have never seen any such instance when your prediction has gone wrong! Sir you are genius..!

    Indeed, you are like a light-house who is guiding students like us selflessly and making us realize our dreams .

    Best regards

  14. Ajit says:

    Respected Sir,

    Last Week MPSC has declared the STI Final Result.
    I am from SBC Category. Our Category cut-off is 232.
    I got below Marks:
    Paper1= 133.75
    Paper 2= 98.50
    Total would be 232.25.
    I got the above marks as per their final Answer key.
    But MPSC hasn’t consider my name in Final result.
    What could be the reason???
    I am expecting your reply sooner 😦 😦

  15. dile-e-raaj says:

    dhanyawad sir….rajyasewa 2012 cha nikal kadhi lagel?

  16. Ajit says:

    Thanx for ur competative social responsibility.

  17. maverick1234 says:

    sir, this postponement information is not available on the mpsc website. so is this a rumour…..??????

  18. mahesh ghadge says:

    Dear sir
    You are saying that the exam will become postpone , but how it is possible we r getting hall ticket tommaro?

  19. Sherel says:

    Thanks a lot sir for your timeless efforts put forth to all the aspirants..

  20. shailesh says:

    can i change my centre if exam postponed to june?

  21. jape nitin says:

    Thanks sir for this informations…..

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