Advt – MPSC Rajyaseva Prelims 2016

Hi Friends

MPSC has released advertisement for Rajyaseva Prelims 2016 today i.e 23 Dec 2015. Here are the details:

Date of Exam – 10 Apr 2016

Date of Application – 23 Dec 2015 to  12 Jan 2016

Total Vanacies – 109

Dy Collector – 05

Dy SP/ACP – 16

सहाय्यक विक्रीकर आयुक्त  (गट अ)- 06

उप मुख्य कार्यकारी अधिकारी / गट विकास अधिकारी  (गट अ) – 06

सहाय्यक संचालक/महाराष्ट्र वित्त व लेखा सेवा  (गट अ) – 08

मुख्याधिकारी/नगर पालिका/नगर परिषद  (गट अ) – 02

तहसीलदार (गट अ ) –19

सहाय्यक प्रादेशिक परिवहन अधिकारी (गट ब ) –01

कक्ष अधिकारी  (गट ब ) – 20

सहाय्यक गट विकास अधिकारी (गट ब ) – 05

सहाय्यक निबंधक सहकारी संस्था (गट ब ) – 08

उप अधीक्षक भूमी अभिलेख (गट ब ) -01

उप अधीक्षक , राज्य उत्पादन शुल्क (गट ब ) – 02

नायब तहसीलदार (गट ब ) – 10

Original Advertisement : Advt-RSP-2016

I personally think some more posts (especially for Open category) would be added well before RS Prelims 2016 result is declared.

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25 Responses to Advt – MPSC Rajyaseva Prelims 2016

  1. ganesh म्हणतो आहे:

    sir mpsc che serv exam kontya kontya language madhe astat?
    marathi madhun astat ka?
    interview marathi madhun deta yeto ka?

  2. satishpawar म्हणतो आहे:

    Thank you, Sir.

  3. satishpawar म्हणतो आहे:

    Sir, me rajyasevecha form fakt reservation(maze caste-NTB) madhun bharlay, pn jar me overall(pre-main-int) rajyasevechya exam madhe highest marks(open cutoff shi tulana) milawile tr mala open, sc,st, vjnt, NTA, NTC sathi rakhiv asalelya jaga milu shaktil ka?

    • AnilMD म्हणतो आहे:

      @सतीश, नाही, कारण तुम्ही अर्ज भरतांना ते क्लेम नाही केल. परंतु वी.जा.(अ), भ.ज.(ब),भ.ज.(क),भ.ज.(ड) इत्यादी वर्गवारीसाठी आरक्षित असलेली पदे आंतर्परीवार्तानीय असल्यामुळे आरक्षित पदासाठी संबंधित वर्गवारीतील योग्य व पत्र उमेदवार उपलब्ध न झाल्यास उपलब्ध वर्गवारीच्या उमेदवारांचा विचार गुणवत्तेच्या आधारे केला जातो.

  4. vijayaghadge म्हणतो आहे:

    Sir ,I am now Sti ,but at the time of filling form by mistakely I mention govt employee is no ,so is there need to cancel form.

  5. vijaya ghadge म्हणतो आहे:

    Sir I m vijaya ,how cancel the filled state service preliminary examination form because some mistakes happened during filling the form and only I have submit form not yet paid fee ,and I cancelled the submitted form but not allowed option come and form is not cancelled.

  6. Pandit B.Bobade म्हणतो आहे:

    Sir, I am getting very beneficial information from your end as my daughter’s dream is to become as a IAS Officer.

  7. jagadish wagh म्हणतो आहे:

    sir magchya varshi rajyasevet kiti vacancies hotya???

  8. Gaurav Gaikwad म्हणतो आहे:

    Sir, I am in TY BBA I like to give this exam. I also started it’s study. Please suggest me that how can I improve my study in this remaining three months.

  9. rd म्हणतो आहे:

    Dear Sir,
    I have a query regarding reservation. If i apply from OBCcategory ,does that mean i will not be considered for open seats? Because there is no OBC seat available for ACP post.

  10. Gaurav Gaikwad म्हणतो आहे:

    Sir I m in tybba i am interested to attend n MPSC examination what can I do I shall fill the form or not.n sir my graduation has not been completed. I am applicable or not plz suggest me.

  11. ganesh ubale म्हणतो आहे:

    Which will the safest score for rajyaseva pre 2016?
    is it possible to clear this exam in first attempt? this question seems funny but I’m curious about that.

  12. SAURABH म्हणतो आहे:

    last year final results of State services Mains examination 2014 the total nos of candidates in the list were 438.
    But As per exam notification for both pre&mains 2014 the total candidates were 109.
    Sir give solution for this paradox.

  13. jabeen fazlani म्हणतो आहे:

    thank you very much sir for your precious update

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