MPSC Rajyaseva Mains 2016 – 6 Months PGP      |        UPSC Civil Services 2016 – 3/6/12 Months PGP   |  PSI 2016 – 3/6/12 Months PGP   |    STI 2016  – 3/6/12 Months PGP |  Asst 2016 – 3/6/12 Months PGP

PGP Comparison with other academies
Course Features (Everything included in respective PGP Fee – Refer “Courses” menu) AD’s IAS Academy Other academy
Study Material (upto 60  Books for Rajyaseva) ×
Study Material (upto 60 Books for UPSC) ×
Study Material (upto 35 Books for STI/PSI/Asst) ×
Magazines for 1 or 2 years (as per PGP) ×
India Yearbook ×
Manorama Yearbook ×
CSR Yearbook ×
Study Plans (subject wise) – for 1 or 2 years (as per PGP) ×
WhatsApp Tests (Subject wise as per Study Plan) ×
ADIA Surprise Test via WhatsApp (Daily) ×
Knowledge Test via eMail (Weekly) ×
CSAT test via eMail (Weekly) ×
Essay Assignments via eMail (Weekly) ×
Notes guidance ×
Interview guidance (included in course) ×
Personality Development guidance ×
Food/Sleep related guidance ×
24×7 Guidance ×
Classroom Coaching ×

MPSC and UPSC’s current exam structure demands very high-order thinking skills.

The NextGenPGP can help you with improving your following skills through various assessments and programmes:

  • Revision
  • Recall
  • Analysis
  • Comparison
  • Assumption
  • Evaluation
  • Self-Assessment through Online Testing
  • etc.

These skills would turn any aspirant of MPSC/UPSC exams into a 22nd century aspirant. You need to be well ahead of others to succeed in the exam(s).

Our various tasks within the NextGenPGP will allow you to know what you are learning and your progress, too.

The following are the COMPULSORY tasks within our NextGenPGP:

  • Written Descriptive Test for English and Marathi
  • Self-Assessment Test – Online Testing (at http://www.anilmd.com)
  • Oral Test – On Phone/Chat
  • Knowledge Test – through email  (Real-Life Sample : KT#1-NEET-Hampering-Fundamental-Rights)
  • Debate and Discussion Program – Online Webinar/Chat
  • Presentations and Speeches from you
  • Competitions and Creative Contests
  • Preparation of your own Notes
  • Work Books (provided by us)
  • Weekly Essay Assignments – through email  (Real-Life Sample : WEA#1-FarmersSuicideInMaharashtra-02Aug2013)

 Please understand that unless you complete each of the above tasks, you may be able to get ready for MPSC/UPSC 2016 exam. I have analysed that people DO NOT complete tests and study plans as per the schedule so they lag behind and are over-pressured at the time of actual MPSC/UPSC exam and they fail to clear it.  So to help yourself, please do everything on time, be it preparation of Notes or Test or Contest. We have put in strict rules and hurdles at various levels so if you do not complete it in time, you will not get further study plan/test/contest, etc.:

  1. Existing rules and regulations of old PGP are applicable to new NextGenPGP.
  2. Completion of each task/each test/each contest is compulsory for you.
  3. Unless you complete the current given task, you will NOT get further task. No further guidance will be provided regarding that. Until you complete that, no further task/study plan/test/contest, etc will be given.
  4. Such delay in completion of given task will result in delay of your NextGenPGP. If your NextGenPGP gets extended (more than the initial registration period) then you will have to pay extra fee for every month @Rs.2000/- per month to be paid immediately.
  5. After payment of extra fees, you will have to complete the pending task(s); then only further task will be given.
  6. You will have to complete each task in time. It doesn’t matter whether you are doing a job (working person) or a full time aspirant for MPSC/UPSC. Failing which rule number 3 applies to you.
  7. All above tasks are to be completed within 48 hours or the time specified in the particular email.
  8. Reply to every email within 48 hours is must so that we know you have read the email or not.

32 Responses to 2016

  1. jyoti says:

    Sir, namaste…..mi atta Bca 2nd yearla ahe… Geli 4 years mi online test ,books refer karat ahe….mpsc madhe success milvanya sati class lavaylach hawa ka?? N sir plz deputy collector ya post baddal syllabus n extra details provide kara…..

  2. Bhushan says:

    Sir mpsc clerk psi sti thsildar sale tax assistancs ya paiki konti padasathi colour bilndness person pan appay karu shakato plz plz guide us plz

  3. shital says:

    mi state service chi tayari karat aahe job karun mala class baddale information havi aahe

    • AnilMD says:

      @शीतल, अभ्यासक्रमानुसार जास्तीत जास्त पुस्तकातून सखोल अभ्यास करा. ह्याबद्दल खाली १० सक्सेस मंत्र दिलेत ते वाचून काढा. आमच्या पी.जी.पी.कोर्सेस बद्दल मेनूमध्ये माहिती उपलब्ध आहे.

  4. ankita shinde says:

    sir,mi ankita shinde.mi ata b.com first year la ahe,mala 2 varsha nantar tehsildar chi exam dyaychi ahe..mi ata 6th to 12th std chya books cha abhyas krte..but mala tehsildar sathi ajun dusari konti books refer karavi lagtil..

  5. vijay Wadekar says:

    sir,me bsc-it(s.y) madge shikat ahe mala
    unalyamadhe upsc/mpsc chi tayari karychi ahe survat kuthun kari any lashing kari plz sanga sir

  6. manoj kurhekar says:

    Hi sir ,tumcha blog baghun ek aadhar bhetla,mala 2014-2015 ARTO chi exam sathi pls guide kara. Thanks

  7. priya says:

    Mi housewife she sti exam sat I kiti vel dyava lagel mi 1 varsh made karu shakate ka?

  8. Pranjalee P. Dhere says:

    Namste Sir!
    Majh naav Pranjalee Dhere ahe. Me atachi MPSC Prelium dete ahech, pan mala 24 August chi UPSC Prelium dyaychi ahe. UPSC Mains sathi me Marathi Sahitya ha subject ghenyach tharval ahe. Tr, ya subject chya Paper 1 sathi (section A & B) sathi konti pustake vapru yabaddal please margdarshan karave.

  9. swapnil wankhede says:

    sir mala mpsc rajyaseva 2014 sathi preparation karayche ahe m sadhya job karto ….. ani mla job suru theunach exam dyaychi ahe ….. possible ahe ka. m diwasratra mehnat ghyayla tayar ahe kahi course ahe ka jo m ghari rahunch karu shakto

  10. Ajay chande says:

    respected sir,
    my questions are…
    1)there are all multiple choice questions or any other type…??

    2)how much time it takes for preparation of Mpsc examination?

    please sir give me all information about Mpsc examination……

  11. Abraham says:

    Good evening Sir
    I have done MSW in Family nd child welfare..can you guide me sir I want give mpsc exam. Plz tel me how to start

  12. vikrant kadam says:

    Sir mala psi 2014 sathi aapla pgp join karayacha aahe tyasathi margdarshan karave thank u sir

  13. sir. i psi exam writing per result not document genrated please help sir result date fixed help me.

  14. bhagwat wankhede says:

    mi Bhagwat Wankhede, sir mi sadhya departmental psi exam chi tayari karat ahe mala rajyaseva exam deun dysp padasathi prayatna karayche ahe pan mala konte vishay ghyave aani tycha abhyas kasa karayacha, pre exam, main exam, karita nagpur madhye classes aani guidlines milat nahi aahe, please mala tyababat guid karave.

  15. swapnil says:

    Next Gen PGP seems exciting. Is there any change in the fee structure.

  16. SHRINIWAS says:

    Mala upsc chi Exam deta yenar ka, maz Education 12th Pass ahe.

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