Rules and Regulations

By joining our (Personal Guidance Program) PGP/NextGenPGP or OAP (Test Series), you agree abide by each of the following rules and regulations of AD’s IAS Academy:

  1. Each registered/enrolled aspirant should respect other fellow aspirants and AD’s IAS Academy staff.
  2. All tests/assignments, study plans, newsletters, emails, etc given via email or Signal App or through any other communication will not be shared by the PGP candidate to any other person (except the existing registered PGP candidates) electronically,  online or physically in any form without prior written permission from AD’s IAS Academy. Such material will not be used by the PGP candidate for any commercial, profit purpose in any way.
  3. As a registered student of our NextGenPGP, completion of each of the following is compulsory for you:
    • Submission of printed (and duly filled and signed by you) copies of Registration Form, Rules document, self-attested xerox copies of academic (10th,12th Std, Degree, PG degree, etc) certificates/marksheets, caste certificate, caste validity certificate, and other documents. Along with these documents, post dated cheques (PDCs) are also compulsory to be sent. Until your documents and cheques are not received, your 2nd study plan will not be sent to you. Please NOTE this.
    • Study Plans – sent through eMail/Signal App
    • Written Descriptive Test- send answersheets by Courier/eMail
    • ADIA Surprise Test (AST) – on Signal App
    • Self-Assessment Test (Online Testing) – eMail & Online
    • Oral Test – On Phone/Chat/Signal App
    • Knowledge Test – through eMail & Signal App
    • CSAT – eMail & Signal App
    • Debate and Discussion Program – Chat/Signal App
    • Presentations and Speeches from you – Computer/Laptop/ Signal App
    • Competitions and Creative Contests – eMail & Signal App
    • Preparation of your own Notes – send through eMail/Signal App
    • Work Books (provided by us) – eMail
    • Weekly Essay Assignments – through email – eMail
  4. Unless you complete the current given task, you will NOT get further task. No further guidance will be provided regarding that. Until you complete that, no further task/study plan/test/contest, etc will be given.
  5. Such delay in completion of given task will result in delay of your NextGenPGP. If your NextGenPGP gets extendedthen you will have to pay extra fee for every month @Rs.2000/- per month to be paid immediately.
  6. After payment of extra fees, you will have to complete the pending task(s); then only further task will be given.
  7. You will have to complete each task in time. It doesn’t matter whether you are doing a job (working person) or a full time aspirant for MPSC/UPSC. Failing which rule number 3 applies to you.
  8. All above tasks are to be completed within 48 hours or the time specified in the particular email.
  9. Reply to every email within 48 hours is must so that we know you have read the email or not.
  10. All programs conducted by AD’s IAS Academy are for personal guidance; so each aspirant will be counseled individually and no other person will be allowed to be present during the guidance session. It will be the AD’s IAS Academy’s decision whether to allow another person(s) in the guidance session.
  11. Every registered student should attend Signal App Tests at the appointed time. No immediate/separate arrangement will be made until the Academy arranges it.
  12. No class or lecture will be provided/arranged on any topic/any subject. This is against the motive of AD’s IAS Academy since the programs are for guidance purpose. No request will be considered for arrangement of any class/lecture.
  13. Counseling is for guidance on various topics but not for Lecture.
  14. Readymade notes will not be provided by AD’s IAS Academy. We will teach you how to prepare quality notes.
  15. 100% Fees needs to be paid in advance at the time of registration itself by way of cash/online transaction/cheque. If you have agreed to pay fees by installment, then you should pay the installment fees on the due date every month without withholding any installment for any reason. If you fail to pay the fee installment within 07 days from the due date or if your cheque is dishonoured or cheque stopped by you, your PGP will be temporarily suspended until the outstanding fee is paid by you. If you fail to pay fee installments for consecutive two months then your PGP will get cancelled and your will have to register afresh for the PGP by paying full fees. You will not get refund of any fee paid till the date of cancellation of your PGP. If opted for installments then Post Dated Cheques are compulsory for everyone.
  16. Request for refund or adjustment of fees for other programs will not be considered under any circumstances. Whole or part of the fee paid will not be paid/transferred to any other person for any reason.
  17. Once registered and reference books sent/given, request for change of subject/exam will not be considered under any circumstances.
  18. Book(s)  will not be taken back/exchanged under any circumstances.
  19. Books dispatch may get delayed for unforeseen reasons.
  20. AD’s IAS Academy provides counseling and all assistance in respect of preparation of the MPSC State Services/STI/PSI/Asst Section Officer/SI-Excise Exams and UPSC Civil Services Examination. No aspirant will be given guidance for any other examination or for any other subject for which he/she is not registered.
  21. Shifting of enrolment/registration for exam guidance from MPSC to UPSC and vice versa and no adjustment in fees will be considered under any circumstances.
  22. It is the responsibility of the individual aspirant to make sure that the study plans given by AD’s IAS Academy are followed by him/her.
  23. It is the responsibility of the individual aspirant to make sure that the mock tests are attempted by him/her at
  24. It is the responsibility of the individual aspirant to attend all tests on Signal App and to make sure that the mock test papers/answer sheets are emailed or sent by post/courier as per the schedule to AD’s IAS Academy are followed by him/her, failing which the feedback may get delayed.
  25. Every registered/enrolled member of AD’s IAS Academy should inform us by way of email, the receipt of the magazines or books, or anything that is sent/given by AD’s IAS Academy. List of items received should be emailed to us.
  26. Parcel containing books/magazines may get damaged in transit so book(s)/ magazine(s) will not be taken back/exchanged under any circumstances.
  27. All telephonic expenses will be borne by the registered/enrolled member while calling us for any purpose and the academy will not be able to adjust the fees towards these expenses. The fees of the programs do not include this expense.
  28. All emails/SMS sent by the academy staff should be replied to, immediately to enable us to understand that it has reached the registered/enrolled member of the academy.
  29. AD’s IAS Academy may, at its discretion, change the rules and regulations from time to time, without notifying the enrolled/registered members. These rules and regulations will be updated here and also on the website  and the member should read them from time to time.
  30. By joining our PGP/NextGenPGP or OAP, you agree and permit AD’s IAS Academy to use your name to be put on our website/blog and in any promotional material, in case you get selected for any post through the MPSC Exam for which you are coached by AD’s IAS Academy.
  31. By joining our PGP/NextGenPGP or OAP, you confirm that you have read and understood all of the above and you agree to be bound by them till the end of the program for which you have been enrolled/registered and you agree to not use any part of the above-said material (study plans, tests, newsletters, assignments, contents of emails, etc) for commercial purposes or any other purpose for next 10 years from the date of expiry of your PGP/NextGenPGP or OAP.
  32. By joining our PGP/NextGenPGP/OAP, you agree/confirm that if you do unauthorised act with regard to the clause 31 above,  you may be held liable to criminal prosecution and civil claims for damages without further notice.

17 Responses to Rules and Regulations

  1. pankaj chattar म्हणतो आहे:

    If there is Police Case on student for a small issue,
    then can a particular student will able to appear for MPSC exam??

  2. trupti म्हणतो आहे:

    how many fees for 6 months sti pgp program

  3. Chaitraliguldagad म्हणतो आहे:

    Please sir give me MPSC syllabus

  4. govind rathodkar म्हणतो आहे:

    R/ sir ,
    My age is currently 28 years (Open category) i am working as software eng.I am making plan to prepare MPSE exam. so pls guide me

    • AnilMD म्हणतो आहे:

      @Govind, you should see the syllabus of particular MPSC exam and then collect maximum books. Plan and study in-depth, prepare your own Notes. Revise at intervals and attempt lots of mock tests. Complete Mains syllabus and then Prelims’ syllabus will before actual Prelims exam (start at least 1 year before actual Prelims exam).

  5. mit vaidya म्हणतो आहे:

    is engginering degree necessary to give the prelims exam at the age of 21??

  6. devendra म्हणतो आहे:

    hi i am 12th science passed stubent i will give the exam for mpsc
    pls reply yes or no

  7. rajesh patil म्हणतो आहे:


  8. Yogesh म्हणतो आहे:

    May i get all the fees description for all the courses

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