MPSC Rajyaseva

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  1. प्रिती वानखेडे says:

    सर मला राज्यसेवा २०१६ करीता तयारी करायची आहे…. २०१६ ला राज्यसेवा साधारनता केव्हा होणार?? मला तयारी करायला पुरेसा वेळ मिळेल का आता सुरवात केली तर???

  2. Shweta says:

    Dear Sir,
    Why there is so much drop down in the marks for RS main 2014 as compared with RS 2013?
    How much score will be safe above cut off line to get the post?
    Will you pls post the STI pre expected cut off?
    Eagly waiting for your kind reply ASAP.
    Thanks in advance.

  3. Sujay Karvekar says:


    I am excited and impressed with your profile and work you do. I have a couple of questions…

    1. I am currently 34 years old, will be 35 in June 2015, can i still apply to the 2015 RajyaSeva Services exam? I think i do fall under OBC.
    2. When will the application open up online for the 2015 Rajyaseva exam or State services exams, do we know of any application deadlines.
    3. Do you offer courses online?

    Thank You!

  4. Prof.Arun Chavhan says:

    Sir, I am working as Asst.Professor in English.My age is 26, i passed NET exam in 2012.Now I am thinking to start the preparation of MPSC “RAJYASEVA”.Please guide me.

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