How much time is required for the preparation of MPSC Rajyaseva Exam?

Let me first put some eye-opening truths before we go ahead any further.

  • Today, situation in Maharashtra is such that a lot of candidates do not know what is MPSC Rajyaseva exam and how to even apply for it.
  • They keep asking people on some websites to send them the examination form; they do not know that the form is available at the post office in their own city.
  • They do not know how to fill-up the examination form properly.
  • They do not know what is the syllabus.
  • They do not know what books should be referred.
  • They do not know what method should be applied to the study; they simply study as per their golden habit of studying for the degree examination. Alas ! they do not know that this exam is much more different than school/college exams.
  • Even after appearing in the exam, some candidates ask for results to some website owners who have no connection with the exams. How ignorant are these candidates!
  • I am 100% sure that even a candidate with third division in graduation can clear this exam, if he works hard and makes use of the time, good study material, with a well-laid study plan for one year.

Yes….One Year!!!

For a serious candidate who wants to clear the MPSC State Services (Rajyaseva) Examination in the 1st attempt itself, an year’s serious preparation is more than sufficient.

But proper guidance is much more needed all through the year so that you do not loose tempo of the preparation.

Simply spending an year on the studies of this exam will not do any good to you. You need constant efforts, coupled with a good study material. If your efforts are not sincerely put together then it may take longer to clear this exam.

Well, why do you need one year for the preparation?

First of all, please understand that the MPSC exam is too tough and is aimed at finding only the best candidates. So do you think that you can study one or two books, read them and you can clear this exam? No, simply no.

The syllabus of this exam is so vast that you need to study a lot of books. You have to study many books to cover each and every topic in the compulsory subjects, optional subjects. You need to study for the Interview, too.

When should you start the preparation? There is also Preliminary exam, so what should you do?

This is why you need one year for the complete study. Before you start the preparation, you need to understand the nature of the exam, its structure and process, various other factors that go with the preparation of the exam.

Initially, for few months, you need to study for the Main exam; then for few months, you have to study only for the Preliminary exam; and then after the Prelims exam is over, you have to shift to the Main exam preparation for few months, and at last, you need to prepare for the Interview.   Now, don’t say “ God…so much to do!!! Now I understand why I need one year!!!”

To become successful at this exam, you need to plan your studies. Prepare a daily study plan, weekly study plan, monthly study plan, quarterly study plan,  and  study plan for the whole year….and you need to stick to these study plans!!!

Once that is done, you need to start the preparation with full devotion and dedication.

But you may have few questions in your mind….may be the following will be some of them:-

  • what books should I buy?
  • what study material should I buy?
  • where to get proper guidance?
  • where to look for current events?
  • what basic books should I study?
  • how much time should I devote for Prelims and Main exam?
  • when should I start my studies?
  • how much should I study everyday?
  • how do I know that I have prepared well or not?
  • what should be my answer to some particular question?
  • how much should I write for an answer to be correct?
  • how much marks should I score to clear this exam?
  • I am a fresher and first timer at this exam, what should I do?
  • my English is poor what should I do?
  • my general knowledge is not at all good, what should I do to improve it? …and many …and many…and many questions!!!

There are many many question that are left unanswered in the mind of most of the candidates…so what should they do?

Very simple!

Get a copy of the “MPSC Success Mantra – The Complete Manual”

For more information about this manual, click HERE.


417 Responses to How much time is required for the preparation of MPSC Rajyaseva Exam?

  1. vishal म्हणतो आहे:

    Sir I was preparing for banking and SSC CPO, I am getting eliminated by 10-12 marks. Now I am 24 and my own wish is to get job at this age only.
    Now I got so much interested in psi I don’t want any other post.
    Please sir help me I want this post in 2018 in any how.

    • AnilDabhade म्हणतो आहे:

      @Vishal, check the physical criteria required for PSI and if you fit in it then start your preparation right now because next exam might be in July and you have a lot to do. You need to complete Prelims as well as Mains syllabus well before the Prelims. If you need study material (30-40 books, 3 monthly magazines for 01 year, study plans, newspaper guidance, etc then you can join our PGP. More details are available under “Courses” menu.

  2. Lata म्हणतो आहे:

    Hi sir,
    I am Lata. I have completed BA in 2001. Can i prepare for mpsc exam? For which exam I should prepare?

  3. Sahil Singh म्हणतो आहे:

    Is it important to be Marathi for passing mpsc exam ??

  4. Sneha Sakpal म्हणतो आहे:

    hello sir, i want to apply for the tahsildar faculty i am a sybmm student . shall i start my preparation now for the MPSC examination or after my graduation?// can you please guide me

  5. Sumedh म्हणतो आहे:

    Hii Sir
    I am 28 yrs old and working in private sector.
    If I start preparing for mpsc at this age can I crack the examination.

  6. Manish Chauhan म्हणतो आहे:

    Hello Sir,

    Im a domicile of maharashtra but i cannot communicate in Marathi language fluently. Will that prove to be an obstacle for the selection? Also, how should i go about studying Marathi language as it also makes a considerable portion of the mains language papers?
    Your guidance will be invaluable to me.
    Thank you.

    • AnilDabhade म्हणतो आहे:

      @Manish, in order to clear the Mains and Interview stage, you need to be well conversant in reading, writing and speaking Marathi language. Go for a tuition from Marathi language teacher or refer any standard Marathi grammar book and seek help from a friend who knows Marathi very well. Try to translate a page everyday and get it checked for grammar. If you had Marathi language till 10th std then OK else you will be required to submit a certificate at the time of Interview. Specimen is available in the “General Instructions to Candidates” PDF on MPSC website.

  7. Tushar Gavhane म्हणतो आहे:

    hello ,sir i am tushar . I’m going to complete degree in mech engg. I want to do the job and also the study of mpsc .how to manage this both the things simultaniously.please suggust me.

  8. Rupesh badadal म्हणतो आहे:

    Hello sir I am doing fybms should I start preparation from now wards for most exam

  9. Abhijeet Bhujang Sonawane म्हणतो आहे:

    Hello Sir….,
    I am Abhijeet Bhujang Sonawane from Barshi (Dist. Solapur) preparing for the post of DYSP.
    What should be my plan to concentrate on my physical and mental ability?
    How to get more involved in deeply study?
    Is there any requirement to join any academy?

    • AnilDabhade म्हणतो आहे:

      @Abhijeet, you should go for morning walk, everyday. Cover a distance upto 5-6 kms in 30-45 minutes (no running, just brisk walking). Do this thrice a week. Go for other exercises (it should include running on any given day) on the remaining days of the week. Never read a book or anything for more than 30 minutes at a stretch. Take a break of 5 minutes and then resume your study. Do this after every 30 mins of study. If you need our guidance, study material, magazines, study plans, tests, etc., then join our PGP (Personal Guidance Program) that can be completed from the comforts of your home. More details about the PGP are available under “Courses” menu.

  10. Mansi Bane म्हणतो आहे:

    Hello Sir,
    Mazi B.E. (chemical engg.) complete zali aahe ani ata mi Privte Ltd. company madhe job karte ..Maza job madhech khup vel jato..mala job Karun MPSC chi exam deychi aahe pn mazya kadun study hou shakto ka..Ani keli tar kontya post sadhi karu..

    Thank you Sir.

  11. Tejaswini Jadhav म्हणतो आहे:

    I am Tejaswini Jadhav. I have completed my graduation in 2015. I am currently working with IT company from last one and half year. I want to do MPSC but I can’t left my job. So i want the proper guidence and information about study materials for preliminary and main exam preparation.
    Thank you.

    • AnilMD म्हणतो आहे:

      @Tejaswini, yes, you will get proper guidance, study material, study plans, tests, etc through our PGP (Personal Guidance Program) that you can complete without leaving your current job. Please refer “Courses” menu and choose appropriate PGP and follow the procedure mentioned therein. You can call me if you have any doubt. Contact numbers are available on the blog banner.

  12. Bhor Digambar Nivrutti म्हणतो आहे:

    Hello Sir,
    I am Digambar from Ahemadnagar. I completed graduation in B.Sc. l don’t know now how to commence study of MPSC . l want to join classes . What else can be done for preparation of this exam. Please would you like to assist me.

  13. Arvind Charan Autade म्हणतो आहे:

    Please tell me gazetted post for rajyaseva.

  14. sayali म्हणतो आहे:

    hello sir,
    i’m sayali from sindewahi. now i’m studying in BA final year i want to crack mpsc , but i don’t have anything about mpsc. i want to join sum classes but don’t know what i do?
    and what i study for all this?
    too confused
    plzz suggest me sir

    • AnilMD म्हणतो आहे:

      @Sayali, you should refer and explore “MPSC Rajyaseva” menu on this blog to get the information. You should also read the ten success mantras available at the bottom of this page. After reading them, if at all, you wish to join course, refer “Courses” menu and read the procedure to join our PGP (Personal Guidance Program) that can be completed from the comforts of your own home.

  15. prabhat vasant patil म्हणतो आहे:

    Hello sir,
    I’m prabhat patil from thane. I’m studing first year in commers faculty. I want crack upsc exam for ias post. I have 3 year to do prepare for it.
    Que. 1. What is strategy for upsc ?
    Que. 2 . After 3 years syllabus can be change or not ?
    Que.3 . Every upsc select around 1000 officers , after 3 years it should remains same or reduce or increase?
    Plz reply

    • AnilMD म्हणतो आहे:

      @Prabhat, 1. Plan your preparation according to the subjects (Languages, GS, and 1 optional subject) by referring to 60-70 books in total (including NCERTs). Prepare your own Notes. 2. Nothing can be said about change in syllabus/exam pattern as a committee is already setup last year to suggest reforms in UPSC selection process, etc. 3. I am sure vacancies would increase rather than decrease.

  16. Sumati म्हणतो आहे:

    Hello Sir,

    this is Sumati, i am working in reliance industries but my main aim is to crack the mpsc rajyaseva. There are some questions in my mind that hardly i make some time for the studies i.e.2 to 3 hours.So, in starting stage from where i need to start.Actually i am totally confused, that where to start exactly please give me valuable suggestion.

    • AnilMD म्हणतो आहे:

      @Sumati, you need to set your target, i.e. 2017 or 2018 and then plan your preparation accordingly [if you fail to plan then no use, your efforts may go in vain without proper planing]. If you can devote 4-5 hours then start for Rajyaseva Prelims 2017 else for Rajyaseva Mains 2018. Buy study material according to the exam syllabus, subscribe to 5 magazines and 4-5 daily newspapers. While reading these books, you MUST prepare your own Notes. If you need your study to be organised and managed by us then consider joining our PGP (Personal Guidance Program); more details are available under “Courses” menu.

  17. eshu म्हणतो आहे:

    hello sir
    im very much interested in PSI post ,but right now im working with a real estate company,so plzz help me with my study paln..

  18. Prasad Pande म्हणतो आहे:

    Hi Sir,
    I am preparing for 2017. I want the valuable advise from your side.
    Sir what is the best way to study should we study one subject for a long or should we change the subject as we end up completing a topic for the particular subject?
    What you will suggest studying same subject for long or changing the subject after regular intervals? Looking forward for your response.

    • AnilMD म्हणतो आहे:

      @Prasad, it depends on the available time for the exam preparation. As per my academy’s strategy, one needs 450 days to complete entire preparation for Rajyaseva (Prelims and Mains). However, if you have ample time, you should complete one subject at at time and then move to the next one. No khichdi here 🙂

  19. Misha singh म्हणतो आहे:

    Hey Sir,
    I dont know marathi. But in mpsc they have a separate paper for marathi. So can i crack this exam. And im an averge studnt. And can u pls suggst me sum good classes in mumbai

  20. Prasad Pande म्हणतो आहे:

    Hi sir,
    I am 25 and I have completed my graduation in 2014 I was average student in my academic career now I am planning for mpsc. I have few questions
    1. Do I need to join any classes?
    2. How should I plan for the study?
    3. As I was not in touch with study from last 2 year how can I build interest again in study?
    4. I have gone through the syllabus and I have the book as well right now I am studying for 3 4 hrs which is not good as I am aiming for 2017. So what you will suggest me to achieve what I have in my mind?

    • AnilMD म्हणतो आहे:

      @Prasad, 1. If you know what needs to be done and how, from where, etc then you need not join classes. 2. You need to decide the year of exam and then plan according to available time and study material. 3. You need a written plan then only you can cover up everything in proper manner. This would inculcate interest in your studies. 4. You will need around 60-70 books in total for the entire preparation of MPSC Rajyaseva. Honest suggestion is – if you need personal guidance along with study material, study plans etc. and someone who can plan your schedule and get everything done from you, then join our PGP (more details – “Courses” menu).

  21. arvind kulkarni म्हणतो आहे:


    how to prepar mpsc exam day to planing for study i am part time work at company
    plz regarding information

  22. Tushar म्हणतो आहे: Doing Engineering..Bt i m To much Intrest iN the post Of PSI .so sir What i can Do fr ths Propose..Plzz tel me..

  23. Sumit म्हणतो आहे:

    Hello Sir,

    Please guide me, How to prepare MPSC Exam & how to do my study time shedule becouse i m working in a company and also studying M.COM 1 SEM.

  24. Sudhir Chandrakant Kale म्हणतो आहे:

    Sir, from last 6 months I’m preparing for mpsc but couldn’t study properly and now 7-8 months are remained for next exam. is it enough time to crack that exam? Please Sir, guide me properly and most important how should i study to crack upcoming exam.

  25. ram म्हणतो आहे:

    Sir, Mala sanga ki 15 subjectchi study kashi karaychi..Roj ak (1) subject gheycha ka 7,8. Ka ak(1)ch subject complet karaycha nantr dusara gheycha.

  26. Ashwini म्हणतो आहे:

    good afternoon sir, mi sadhya solapur universitymadhun complete kel.mla mpsc exam dyaychi ahe.tyasathi info hvi sathi konte books kinva notes mahtwachya thartil.ani kitivel study krayla hva.time table kse hve? kiti divsat preparation complete kru shakto??
    sir, plz help….

  27. Gani khan म्हणतो आहे:

    Sir i gani khan i want to faced mp Psc exam give some suggested

  28. Sadhana म्हणतो आहे:

    Hello Sir
    I am Sadhana Valecha , have completed CA .Currently I am working with a manufacturing Co. Please suggest me for which exam I should go for.
    Thanks in advance.
    Regards, Sadhana

  29. ankita patil म्हणतो आहे:

    Hello sir,
    I am ankita patil. i have completed Bsc in chemistry .now i am doing msc but my interest for mpsc .what can i do & which exam i do for mpsc.

  30. Aniket mahajan म्हणतो आहे:

    Hello sir
    Myself aniket
    I completes my mechanical engineering in year 2015
    Now I am doing my job at pune.
    But I want to give mpsc exam.
    Please suggest me for which exam should I preapre,?

  31. Nitin Athare म्हणतो आहे:

    Sir Maze naav Nitin Athare me open Category madhe aahe, sir maze age aata 29 running aahe ani maze BA Next Year la Complete honar aahe, tar me MPSC chi exam deu shakto ka? aani sir me eka cyber cafe madhe job la aahe, me purn vel abhyas nashi karu shakat, tar divsatle kiva ratri me 3 taas abhyas karun me he exam clear karu shkto ka? Sir Please ans me.

    • AnilMD म्हणतो आहे:

      @नितीन, हो, करू शकतोस मित्रा. फक्त एवढच कि तुला २०१८ च्या परीक्षेची तयारी करावी लागेल. कारण एमपीएससी च्या परीक्षेचा अभ्यासक्रम पूर्ण करायला वेळ लागेलच.

  32. Komal Gawade म्हणतो आहे:

    hello sir name is Komal n i am studying BAMS 3rd year.Which exam is should I give.?

    • AnilMD म्हणतो आहे:

      @Komal, at this moment, you can’t give any competitive exam. You can start the preparation NOW (because its the right time as it needs around 450 days for the complete preparation of MPSC Rajyaseva or UPSC Civil Services exam) and go for the exam in the year when you would be giving your final exams or when you are undergoing your Internship.

  33. MAYUR U. VAISHAMPAYAN म्हणतो आहे:

    i want to give mpsc rajyaseva exam in 2017. so i want to when the form is filled. at which date the forms are out and when prelim and main exams are conducted.

  34. Priyanka raut म्हणतो आहे:

    Hello Sir,
    I am Priyanka.Last year i have completed Diploma in Electrical Engg. Now i am working at TATA Technologies at Pune(package of company is good after diploma). But my aim is to crack MPSC with good score so for that tell me external graduation through AMIE (Kolkata University) considered or not for MPSC?

  35. yogiraj shravan waghmode म्हणतो आहे:

    Hi sir. Myself yogiraj waghmode. Mi saddhya 12th STD science madhun papers dile aahet. Mala 5 vi pasunch officer honyachi iccha aahe. Tya sathi mi kontehi efforts ghenyasathi tayar aahe. Mi BA la admission gheun 3 varsha mpsc cha study kelo tar success hoin ka? Yogya guidance sathi aatur aahe….

  36. Mohammed म्हणतो आहे:

    How can I join you PGP…???

  37. PRATIKSHA म्हणतो आहे:

    hiii sir…..mi sadhya private company madhe jobla ahe ani 9.30 am to 9.30 pm ha purn vel job sathi dyava lagto….pn mpsc chi exam denyachi durdamya ichha ahe…sobat ajun ek problem ahe ki graduation houn 3 years zalet…tr maza study hoil ka…kiva mi job ani study kasa manage karu….

  38. Shrawan chaturvedi म्हणतो आहे:

    Sir, I am in 10th. So, I have the time for the preparation for upsc exam but first i want to pass mpsc exam.

  39. mrs.priyanka bhushan jadhav म्हणतो आहे:

    hello sir,
    mi eka banket jobla ahe.mla STI exam crack krychi ahe.oct-2016 mde honari exam ml dyaychi ahe n post kadychi ahe.mla ghar n job sambhlun ha study krta yeil ka?
    plz tyasti jra margdarshan kra.

    • AnilMD म्हणतो आहे:

      @प्रियंका, हो, करता येईल परंतु उपलब्ध असलेल्या वेळेत जितका अभ्यास कराल तो क्वालिटी अभ्यास करावा. स्वत:चे नोट्स काढावेत. आमचा पिजीपी जॉईन केला तर आम्ही तो अभ्यास तुमच्याकडून करवून घेवू.

  40. suraj म्हणतो आहे:

    hya sarv post sathi medical lagte kay ,i men maja right eye normal cross aahe

  41. siddhu म्हणतो आहे:

    Sir mi police bharticha abhyas 4hrs daily kela ahe ani mala asa fellngs ahe ki mpsc pass karu shakto pan majya manat kadhi kadhi negative thinking yetat ki mi fail zhalo tar plz help ani how much time I have to study for mpsc

    • AnilMD म्हणतो आहे:

      @सिद्धू, मित्रा, फेल झाला तर काय आकाश कोसळेल कि काय? अपयश ही यशाची पायरी असते हे विसरू नकोस. आत्मविश्वास डगमगू न देता तयारीला लाग. दररोज ४ ते ५ तास एक वर्ष भर किंवा १०-१२ तास तास दररोज, ५ ते ६ महिने.

  42. nikhil म्हणतो आहे:

    I am trying for medical entrance exam after 12th but i am not able to crack that exam so then I chose in zoology now I am in fy and I am thinking that I want to join public service counseling and one more think my biology is so nice because I am getting confuse about which reqrement I have chose. plz tell me I am serious about this

  43. rajshri म्हणतो आहे:

    sir,me bpharm graduate ahe,maze swatache medical ahe,medical sambhalun me mpsc study karu shakate ka

    • AnilMD म्हणतो आहे:

      @राजश्री, हो, नक्कीच करू शकता पण त्यासाठी कमीतकमी एक वर्षाची तयारी करावी लागेल. सखोल तयारी करावी.

  44. abhishek sawant म्हणतो आहे:

    sir jr mla mpsc exam dyachi asel tr graduation chi at ahe mg mi graduation krta krta study kela tr mi 1st attempt madhe pass hou shakto ka ? n konte books required ahet tyasathi ?

  45. Manjushree Tayade म्हणतो आहे:

    Respected sir, meri age 30 yrs hain firbhi mujhe MPSC deneki chah hain kya main MPSC follow kar sakati hu

    • AnilMD म्हणतो आहे:

      @मंजुश्री, जरूर. आप अगर ओपन कॅटेगरी से है तो ३३ साल कि उम्र तक और अगर आप रिझर्व कॅटेगरी से है तो ३८ साल कि उम्र तक आप एमपीएससी राज्यसेवा/एस.टी.आय./असिस्टंट परीक्षा दे सकती है.

  46. Rutuja Thakare म्हणतो आहे:

    sir tumchi Hi mpsc success mantra nagpurla milel ka

  47. Surbhi म्हणतो आहे:

    Hello sir,
    my name is surbhi, I Want to know that the height for police bharti is 152cm for I am unable to Join Maharashtra police because my height is 150cm. So Can I give mpsc and be a PSI officer or there is a height limit too??

  48. Deepali म्हणतो आहे:

    Hello Sir,
    I am working as software engineer in one of the MNC. I would like to give a sincere try for mpsc 2017. My age is 26. I want to know the age criteria for open female candidate..
    thanks for your guidnace in advance!!


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