2016 – New Syllabus for English & Marathi

मुख्य परीक्षेचा अभ्यासक्रम : 2016 परीक्षेपासून
विषय – मराठी व इंग्रजी पेपर #1
दर्जा: बारावी प्रश्नपत्रिकेचे स्वरूप: पारंपारिक/वर्णनात्मक
गुण: 100 (मराठी – 50 गुण / इंग्रजी – 50 गुण) कालावधी: 3 तास

भाग 1: मराठी (50 गुण)
• निबंध: वैचारिक, वर्णनात्मक, कल्पनात्मक, आत्म कथनपर, समकालीन, ज्वलंत समस्या या प्रकारच्या कोणत्याही एका विषयावर. (दोन पैकी एका विषयावर – सुमारे 400 शब्द)
• भाषांतर – इंग्रजी उताऱ्याचे सुबोध मराठीत भाषांतर करणे. (सुमारे अर्धे पान/२ परिच्छेद)
• सारांश लेखन – साधारणतः 300 शब्दांच्या परीच्छेदाचे 100 शब्दांमध्ये सारांश लेखन करणे.

भाग 2: इंग्रजी (50 गुण)
• Essay: The candidates are expected to write a narrative or a descriptive essay on one of the two given topics in about 400 words. It is intended to judge the candidate’s knowledge of the topic, manner of presentation and also competence in using correct English.
• Translation: Translation of Marathi passage in to English, approximately ½ page (2 paragraphs).
• Precis writing: A passage of about 300 words will be given for precis-writing. The candidates are expected to reduce the passage to one-third of its original length in their own words. The purpose of precis-writing is to judge the candidate’s ability to comprehend, analyse and summarise the main ideas in the passage in their own words to one-third of the given number of words therein.

विषय – मराठी व इंग्रजी पेपर #2
दर्जा: पदवी प्रश्नपत्रिकेचे स्वरूप: वस्तुनिष्ठ/बहुपर्यायी
गुण: 100 (मराठी – 50 गुण / इंग्रजी – 50 गुण) कालावधी: 1 तास

भाग 1: मराठी (50 गुण)
• व्याकरण: वाकप्रचार व म्हणी, समानार्थी/विरुद्धार्थी शब्द, शुद्धलेखन/विरामचिन्हे, इत्यादी.
• आकलन – उताऱ्याखालील प्रश्नांची उत्तरे लिहिणे.
भाग 2: इंग्रजी (50 गुण)
• Grammar – Idioms, Phrases, Synonyms/Antonyms, Correct formation of words and sentences, Punctuation, etc.
• Comprehension – Answers on given passage.

दोन्ही पेपर्स चे गुण कट ऑफ साठी हिशेबात धरल्या जातील.

31 Responses to 2016 – New Syllabus for English & Marathi

  1. AKSHAY INGOLE says:


  2. nitin jadhav says:

    Sir Marathi and English gun mulakhat zalyas add karun result lavnar ahe ka MPSC

  3. arti ghate says:

    hello sir..,
    i hv compilted my degree ani i m preparing for mpsc last from 8months..i hv cover mpsc’s basic at home i hv read state books and some reference book bt trihi mla khup bhiti watate majhyakdun hoil ka mi basic clear kelyanantr lgech main chya tyarila lagle discember pasun pre sathi preparation krl ts maths ,IT,science krun thevlay bt mi main chi study krtana khup jast days timepass kela mhnje easy easy roz thod thodch kel bt ata khup bhity watayli ki time khup kmi rahila pre krun gheil pn main tr nakkich fail hoil..sir plz mla hya 3 month mdhe main chya study sathi thod guide kra na mi main exam sathi only thoda geographycha syllabus cover kela thoda history cha tr thoda poly baki kahich nahi kel..sir thod guide kra me coching sathi try kel bt coching chi fees khup jast aslyane i cnt pay for it ..sir mla fail nahi whaych..

    • AnilMD says:

      @Arti, it happens when people waste their precious time and then come to me for help. It’s not done dear. Since years, I have been suggesting people to devote 450 days for the entire preparation. One must utilise the time, energy in proper direction. Now you should plan your preparation by calculating how many days you have in hands and the incomplete syllabus (with reference to books/magazines/newspapers, online research, etc) and then follow that schedule.

  4. Sudhir Gaikwad says:

    Sir, mi atach b.e. Mechanical kele ahe,job shodhat ahe pan mala job kart kart depo.collector chi exam dyachi ahe,tar without classes hou shakel kay,roj 2 tas study kela tar chalel ky…..

  5. Abhijit Kulkarni says:

    सर मला राज्य सेवा परीक्षा द्यायची खुप इच्छा आहे पण मी पोलीस खात्यामध्ये सर्विस ला असल्याने मला क्लास लावयला वेळ नाही मला किती वर्ष अभ्यास करावा लागेल मी ही परीक्षा पास होउ शकतो का? मी पोस्टल कोर्स करुन किवा नको व मला पूर्व व मेन्स ला कोणती दर्जेदार पूस्तके वपरायची सर कृपया मार्गदर्शन द्यावे ही विनंती

    • AnilMD says:

      @अभिजित, पोलीस खात्यात असतांना ज्यांनी आमचा पिजीपी लावून पी.एस.आय. झालेत त्यांच्याबद्दल माहिती इथे आहे: इथे क्लिक करा तुम्ही सुद्धा पिजीपी म्हणजेच पर्सनल गायडंस प्रोग्राम लावून एमपीएससी ची तयारी करू शकता. त्यासाठी “कोर्सेस” मेनू बघा.

  6. ajinkya sawant says:

    sir coching class chi garaj ahe for mpsc pre exam sathi bcoz fee is more than 30000/- in our area

  7. Radhe chandak says:

    सर माझे Agricultural Engineering (B-Tech) चे शिक्षण झाले आहे मला समोर
    आणि ३)STI

    या पदासाठी आवश्यक असलेल्या सवँ बाबी बद्दल माहीती हवी आहे
    जसे exam pattern , syllabus , exam time table etc
    plz sir give mi information .

  8. akashanand jadhav says:

    Sir ,I had BE in electronics and telecommunication.. I have applied for mpsc 2016 . I want to become a Dy.sp.
    Which books should I reffer for pre exam.

  9. raj patil says:

    Dear sir.
    I m completed b.e in mechanical .i have heavy licence and 1 yrs automobile experience..but sir i want some information about books. Books which gives me key of success in exam..kindly send me books name..Thanks

  10. Sushant Shivkumar Shetty says:

    Hello sir
    im sushant
    sir i complete my Graduation B.com. mi MNC co. mde jobla ahe ata.
    Mla Defence mdi interest ahe. ani tyacha shivay mla dusra kutlahi coure kravas vatat ni.
    UPSC exam deun IPS ha maj Aim ahe. bt im vernacular medium student.
    mhnun Mi vichar kely k MPSC deun pass krava ani life mdi 1base mjbut honar.

    so tumhi sangu shkta k with job Me MPSC chi study kshi kru.
    I want ur Gaidence, otherwise mi confuse ahe purn pne.

    so tumhala kay vatay mla kay kel pahije.

  11. abhijeet says:

    please post new syllabus of mpsc pre and main 2015-16

  12. rahul giri says:

    thanku sir your site is so helpful 2 all mpsc & upsc candidate

  13. sagar ingale says:

    Respected sir
    I m preparing for state services mains plz suguest me books for marathi and english.

  14. umesh says:

    sir my name is umesh gaikwad from buldhana i got 192 in mpsc pre and upsc pre score is 190 to 200 so , what i hav to do next, it is posible to prepair to mains of both examination simulteniously

  15. Kuldeep says:

    Like UPSC…… I want to know regarding MPSC pre cut off. I checked my pre papers from ans key and its coming 156. As I belongs to OBC category what are my chances of getting mains call.. What is the expected cut off .. What do u think?

  16. Manish Parchand says:

    thanks sir, This is really imp information,

  17. jaya says:

    thank you so much sir for updating me regarding mpsc new syllabus…thanks a lot.!!!!!

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