2013 – Question Papers

MPSC Rajyaseva Mains 2013 Question Papers:

English : State Services Main Examination-2013- ENGLISH

Marathi : State Services Main Examination-2013-MARATHI

GS I : State Services Main Examination-2013- GS-1

GS II: State Services Main Examination-2013- GS-2

GS III: State Services Main Examination-2013- GS-3

GS IV: State Services Main Examination-2013- GS-4

6 Responses to 2013 – Question Papers

  1. omprakash shinde म्हणतो आहे:

    well done sir thanku so much…

  2. Ajay Pardeshi म्हणतो आहे:

    Sir Currently I’m doing job in Pune and want to Go for mpsc exam so is it possible to crack exam with job

  3. Rashtrapal Dabhade म्हणतो आहे:

    thanks Sir for providing paper set

  4. madhukar bharad म्हणतो आहे:

    upsc marathi medium madhun dettana main Che paper Marathi made asatat ka?

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