Prelims Exam – Effective use of time

New syllabus for Rajyaseva Prelims has been introduced from 2013. Here it is : New Syllabus

Remember: The following pattern was in force till Prelims 2012:

You get only 120 minutes to solve 200 questions!!!

Out of 200 questions, there are 50 questions related to Mental Ability.

So you get approximately 36 seconds to answer 1 question but due to Mental Ability questions being tough and time-taking, you should allot time as mentioned below.

To answer 150 questions: you should spend approximately 70 minutes.

To answer 50 questions (Mental Ability): you MUST spend approximately 50 minutes, i.e. 1 minute per question because it needs analysis to solve the question.

150 questions are from the following subjects/topics:
(Kala, Vaanijya, Arthvyavastha, Vidhnyan, Abhiyantriki, Chaalu Ghadamodi)
(Arts, Commerce, Economy, Science, Technology, Current Affairs)

To answer questions from above subjects/topics, you need extensive study of all subjects/topics.

50 questions are from the following Mental Ability topics:
Sankhya Shreni – example: 2,3,5,7,11,13
Snakhya Rachna- example: 10(46)13; 14(62)17; 17(?)22 —2(x+y)
Akshar Malika – example: CBE : BAD :: GMBH : ?
Visangat Paryaay- example: a) Maharashtra – Mumbai, b) UP- Lucknow, etc.
Shabd Sambandha – example:  Vadhu: Var, Deer:?
Sanketik Bhasha – example: x=-, +=x, -=+ tar 7×5-4+2=?
Layabadhdha Akshare va Anka: a-abb-b-aaa

To answer these Mental Ability questions, you need logical thinking and practice.

6 Responses to Prelims Exam – Effective use of time

  1. vitthal म्हणतो आहे:

    passage marathi -practice sathi kase net varun melvavet.

  2. Atul Bhujade म्हणतो आहे:

    i am freshers plz tell what will be the subject i hve to chhose

  3. Prabhakar R. Dumbre म्हणतो आहे:

    Its is very important information. Thanks you for this.

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