Test Series for Prelims 2012

New syllabus for Rajyaseva Prelims has been introduced from 2013. Here it is : New Syllabus

What Candidates say about our Test Series : Read THIS

Hi Friends

We have started “Test Series” for MPSC Rajyaseva Prelims 2012,  from 30th May to 08th Jun 2012.

आता प्रश्नपत्रिका आणि उत्तरपत्रिका घरीच मिळतील इमेलद्वारे आणि त्या खऱ्या परीक्षेनुसारच कशा सोड्वायच्यात हे गायडंस सुद्धा मिळेल इमेलद्वारे.  दररोज प्रश्नपत्रिका इमेलद्वारे पाठवू.

ज्यांच्याकडे इंटरनेट  नाही त्यांच्यासाठी कुरियरने पाठवू पण त्यात वेळ जावू शकतो आणि Rs . 300/- extra  द्यावे लागतील. सगळीकडे कुरियर सर्विस नाही हे लक्षात ठेवावे.

All these tests can be attempted from your Home or Cyber Cafe. All you need is a computer/Laptop and an Internet connection. Answer sheet will be sent in advance by email that you need to print and make 22 xerox copies. These will be used to mark the answers during the Mock Test.

Most Convenient System:

You can attempt the Mock Tests as per your convenience. Those who can’t attempt as per our schedule, are most welcome to attempt them as per their convenience by logging into the account and solve the question papers. Be honest to yourself and you will succeed. No chance for cheating as it won’t help you in real exam.

Here are the details of the “Test Series”:

4th Jun 2012 Questions        Time
Mock Test #12 S&T and Current Affairs Combined Test 200 2PM
Mock Test #13Commerce and Economy Test 200 8PM
5th Jun 2012:
Mock Test #14Current Affairs  Test 200 2PM
Mock Test #15Mental Ability 200 8PM
6th Jun 2012:
Mock Test #16 All Subjects  Combined Test 200 2PM
Mock Test #17 All Subjects  Combined Test 200 8PM
7th Jun 2012:
Mock Test #18 All Subjects  Combined Test 200 2PM
Mock Test #19 All Subjects  Combined Test 200 8PM
8th Jun 2012:
Mock Test #20All Subjects  Combined Test 200 2PM
Mock Test #21All Subjects    Combined  Test 200 8PM
9th Jun 2012:
Mock Test #22 All Subjects  Combined Test 200 2PM

Registration for Test Series:
You should register immediately so that all of the above tests can be completed well in time. You can join ANYTIME, we will send you all the question papers from Mock Test #1 till the date you join.

Send us email with your complete name and fee payment details and we will send you the details for the tests.  We will also send you entire procedure for the daily tests. There would be different tests everyday, see above plan.


Rs. 1125/- for the complete Test Series.

Payment of Fee:

You must deposit the fee in our bank account by Cash Deposit/Online Transfer/Cheque/DD. You will be permitted to take up the mock tests only after the Cheque is cleared.

Deposit the Fees in the any of the following bank accounts.  


After the deposit, please send SMS to this number 9987401168 or 8698277829 and mention the transaction details along with your complete name, postal address, PIN code, mobile number, and email ID. You should also send email with all these details to adia.ozr@gmail.com

NOTE: Fees once paid will not be refunded at any stage under any circumstances.

2 Responses to Test Series for Prelims 2012

  1. sancdip म्हणतो आहे:

    sir can tell about District social welfare Group-B exam held in January 2013 which books refer for success or notes .

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