Cut Offs -Rajyaseva Prelims 2013

As on 31st Aug 2013 – Result Declared.

Actual Cut Offs


General – 177 (My expected cutoffs- 160-180)

Female – 156 (My expected cutoffs- 145-160)

Sports – 121 (My expected cutoffs- 140-145)


General – 171 (My expected cutoffs- 150-170)

Female – 146 (My expected cutoffs- 140-150)

Sports – 111 (My expected cutoffs- 130-140)


General – 144 (My expected cutoffs- 145 – 165)

Female – 117 (My expected cutoffs- 135-145)

DT (A):   

General – 165 (My expected cutoffs- 150 – 175)

Female – 124 (My expected cutoffs- 135-145)

NT (B):  

General – 161 (My expected cutoffs- 145 – 170)

Female – 145 (My expected cutoffs- 130-140)

SBC :   

General – 163 (My expected cutoffs- 150 – 175)

Female – 156 (My expected cutoffs- 140-155)

NT (C): 

General – 177 (My expected cutoffs- 160-180)

Female – 153 (My expected cutoffs- 145-160)

NT (D): 

General – 177 (My expected cutoffs- 160-180)

Female – 156 (My expected cutoffs- 145-160)


General – 177 (My expected cutoffs- 160-180)

Female – 156 (My expected cutoffs- 145-165)

Sports – 121 (My expected cutoffs-  140-155)

PH – Ortho :  177 (My expected cutoffs- 125-145)

PH – Vision:  133 (My expected cutoffs- 120-140)

PH –  Hearing:  150 (My expected cutoffs- 100-120)


As on 20th Aug 2013

Please understand that these are only my guesses and not the official cut offs. My intention is not to discourage anyone but to help you prepare seriously for the exam. If these cut offs go down as per MPSC result then I will be very happy for you all. Good luck to you.

Here are question numbers with changed answers and cancelled questions:

GS I Set A
Q17 answer changed (Old answer -1/ New -3)
Q21 answer changed (Old answer -1/ New -3)
Q74 cancelled
Q83 answer changed (Old answer -4/ New -3)
Q97 answer changed (Old answer -1/ New -3)
Q98 answer changed (Old answer -4/ New -1)

GS I Set B
Q20 answer changed (Old answer 1/ New -3)
Q23 answer changed (Old answer -1/ New -3)
Q76 answer changed (Old answer -1/ New -3)
Q79 cancelled
Q93 answer changed (Old answer -4/ New -1)
Q97 answer changed (Old answer -4/ New -3)

GS I Set C
Q21 answer changed (Old answer -1/ New -3)
Q28 answer changed (Old answer -1/ New -3)
Q84 cancelled
Q89 answer changed (Old answer -4/ New -3)
Q90 answer changed (Old answer -4/ New -1)
Q99 answer changed (Old answer -1/ New -3)

GS I Set D
Q21 answer changed (Old answer -1/ New -3)
Q22 answer changed (Old answer -1/ New -3)
Q89 answer changed (Old answer -1/ New -3)
Q91 answer changed (Old answer -4/ New -3)
Q95 answer changed (Old answer -4/ New -1)
Q98 cancelled
Q2 answer changed (Old answer -2/ New -3)
Q16 answer changed (Old answer -4/ New -2)
Q29 answer changed (Old answer -1/ New -4)
Q33 cancelled

Q1 answer changed (Old answer -2/ New -3)
Q16 answer changed (Old answer -4/ New -2)
Q29 answer changed (Old answer -1/ New -4)
Q33 cancelled

Q5 answer changed (Old answer -2/ New -3)
Q15 answer changed (Old answer-4/ New -2)
Q32 answer changed (Old answer -1/ New -4)
Q33 cancelled

Q4 answer changed (Old answer -2/ New -3)
Q17 answer changed (Old answer -4/ New -2)
Q29 answer changed (Old answer -1/ New -4)
Q36 cancelled

Revised – Expected Cut Offs – Rajyaseva Prelims 2013

Open:   General – 160-180, Female – 145-160, Sports – 140-145

SC:       General – 150-170, Female – 140-150, Sports – 130-140

ST:      General – 145 – 165, Female – 135-145, Sports – 125-135

DT (A):   General – 150 – 175, Female – 135-145, Sports – 130-140

NT (B):  General – 145 – 170, Female – 130-140, Sports – 130-140

SBC :   General – 150 – 175, Female – 140-155, Sports – 130-140

NT (C): General – 160-180, Female – 145-160, Sports – 140-145

NT (D): General – 160-180, Female – 145-160, Sports – 140-145

OBC:    General – 160-180, Female – 145-165, Sports – 140-155

PH – Ortho :  125-145

PH – Vision:  120-140

PH –  Hearing:  100-120

REQUEST: Please DO NOT post individual queries about your personal cut-offs. Please refer above list and decide about your chances. This will save my precious time. Individual queries will be deleted.


There WILL NOT be separate cut-offs for each paper.

As per my survey, people have quoted score range as 120-140 and 140-160. There were 3.25 lacs applicants and at least 1.5 lacs aspirants may have given the exam. Since not all of them have participated in the survey, I cannot take the 140-60 as standard cut off range. I have calculated the following cut-offs based on my experience. These are subject to change after final answer key. If official cut -off goes down (declared by MPSC), I will be very happy.

I will revise the cut offs after final answer key is issued by MPSC.

Open:   General – 155-175, Female – 145-160, Sports – 140-145

SC:       General – 145-165, Female – 140-150, Sports – 130-140

ST:      General – 140 – 160, Female – 135-145, Sports – 125-135

DT (A):   General – 145 – 170, Female – 135-145, Sports – 130-140

NT (B):  General – 140 – 165, Female – 130-140, Sports – 130-140

SBC :   General – 145 – 170, Female – 140-155, Sports – 130-140

NT (C): General – 155-175, Female – 145-160, Sports – 140-145

NT (D): General – 155-175, Female – 145-160, Sports – 140-145

OBC:    General – 155-170, Female – 145-165, Sports – 140-155

PH – Ortho :  125-145

PH – Vision:  120-140

PH –  Hearing:  100-120

REQUEST: Please DO NOT post individual queries about your personal cut-offs. Please refer above list and decide about your chances. This will save my precious time. Individual queries will be deleted.

Do your level best to score the above minimum marks in each paper. My sincere advice is: you should aim at scoring 100% in each paper then only you can be sure of 100% success.

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88 Responses to Cut Offs -Rajyaseva Prelims 2013

  1. Pravin M.Vibhute says:

    dear Sir, i am a working professional & eager to prepare for MPSC state services. I cant get time to join any coaching classes. i want to crack that exam with self study…please suggest me books according to pre/main exam for RAJYSEVA.

  2. Sandeep Jadhav says:

    dear Sir, i am a working professional & eager to prepare for MPSC state services. I cant get time to join any coaching classes. I can devote 5-6 hour/day in all (Newspaper, magazine reading). let me know frankly, is this time sufficient for clearing this exam. the reason i am asking this coz where i am working now, i get some free time but its a trade off situation. even i am 28 year old & have no previous preparation. have to start from a basic. Do you think its sensible to jump into this ??

    • AnilMD says:

      @Sandeep, while working, you can complete our NextGenPGP as it can be completed from your home itself. Please refer “COurses” menu to know all details. If you do not go for serious preparation then it is a risk at this age. Prepre in-depth then only you can succeed at MPSC exam. Day by day, it is getting tougher to crack.

  3. dhananjay says:

    What are the requirements to be in the sports category sir?

  4. Anand Salve says:

    sir right now i am doing mba but i would like to preparation of mpsc state Services and sti. then what can i do? do mpsc or do the mba so pls tell me! i am is to confused………

  5. ammol aher says:

    sir, now my score is 188. And obc.. How to concentrate on paper 3. Last time i fail only this paper..

  6. swapnil patil says:

    Sir I want to ask u if seats r incresed up to 90
    (frm internal news)…confirm….and earlier 265..
    What wil b no of candidates…wht wil it effect on cut off.specially open

    • AnilMD says:

      @Swapnil, this question seems to be easy but in fact is difficult to answer. At this moment, 1) no one knows how many candidates would be above the cut off. 2) the cut off depends on how everyone performs in the exam and 3) how many aspirants gets similar marks. If vacancies increase then naturally the number of aspirants will be more for Mains but it still depends on #3 (to be able to calculate cut off).

  7. kirpal says:

    sir, i have scored 155 from open category. sir, frankly tell me do i have a chance to write mains this time? how many candidates will be selected to write the mains? how many from open category (approximately) ? how many then u think will be above 155 (i.e, my score) ? pls reply 2 my query sir as u always have. thanks.

  8. pankaj khaire says:

    your expected cut off is always helpful & very close to official cut off. Do you have any idea about the expected date of result ?Thank you.

  9. rajat says:

    Good analysis sir,
    My marks too increased by 15 with revised keys, nw m getting 216

  10. sunil p kale says:

    Respected sir plz reply me, I had 161.5 marks ,now i got 169.7 (obc)marks as per final i now in safe zone? And plz guide me for online test series for rs mains.

  11. Sandip says:

    Hello Sir, The cut off marks which you had mentioned here are out of 200 or 400 ?
    That means for each paper or both papers together ?
    Please reply, I am doing preparation for MPSC next years exam.

  12. Nilesh Patil says:

    Sir.. I hve been selected as S.T.I. and last year RS exam I lost post just for 2 marks. Sir I want to start my preparation again with new hopes.. my score of dis year pre is 141.25. And i belong to PH ortho. Reservation. Is there any chance? Plzz rply sir.

  13. kiran says:

    my Mpsc preliminary marks are 165 belongs to sc . i have also qualified for Upsc mains but passing it is seems uncertain, in this circumstance i have good preparation for Mpsc (mains).sir do you really think that i will pass Mpsc prelim, as it looks as sure as per your expected cut off marks? i am very anxious.

  14. Nikhil says:

    Sir, I am in a dilemma.. My mpsc score is coming around 163 and i have also qualified for upsc mains.. In this situation what should i do.. I mean Should i continue to prepare for mpsc mains as it will be before upsc mains.. Or should I focus on upsc as my mpsc score seems to be perfect halfway of your projected cut off’s..??

  15. Respected sir,
    i have just completed B.E and i am intersted in mpsc , but i have one query i am leaving my probation and want to join RS but recently i heard after 2014 there was no vacancy like today as now so sir its my request to you plse give me correct deatails regarding this mpsc………….

  16. Raghamaverick says:

    i have got 190.66 in state prelim 2013…open category…what are chances…?

  17. bhushan kulkarni says:

    SIR, there is confusion regarding negative marking. in question paper instruction, there was 1/3 mark for 1 wrong answer that is 0.33, but some people are saying that there is 0.66 mark negative for wrong answer.

  18. santosh says:

    Respected Sir…
    I am in dilemma dat i hav been selected in bank as po and also score 153 in Rajyaseva pre… Belonging to Sc category… my joining date is in july 2013 nd after starting of probation i will not be able to study for Rajyaseva… in dis situation I hv to choose between any one of dem.. Alhough My ultimate goal is to have post in Maharashtra Government.. Dear sir.. I always consider u as a friend n good advisor.. and ur post always motivate me.. I just want ur personal opinion whether Score of 153 is good to sacrifice my PO job or Should I join Banking Services…??

    • AnilMD says:

      @Santosh, since your joining date is in July, you have time to decide between any of these. My suggestion is that you should keep preparing full-time (12 to 14 hrs everyday) for RS Mains. Utilise this time with 100% dedication. Try your level best to complete as much as you can so that even if you join PO probation, you will have no workload of RS Mains. If you take extension for joining PO probation, you will lose seniority. If anything goes wrong with RS Pre 2013, you will be safe with this job. You can definitely carry on your preparation (2 to 4 hours everyday) along with your PO probation. There are so many people who carry on improving their career even if they are in Class I post.

  19. Vivek says:

    Sir my MPSC Pre Score is 147. Is there any chance to pass, so that i can start preparation for Mains…. Plz..

  20. Sujit Patil says:

    Thank u very much sir. Jara jivat jiv aala 🙂

  21. vikas thosar says:

    gd aftrnun sir, I am selected STI in 1st attempt, my pre score is 159.5,should I prepare for main?Can I do in 3 months? I am 32 now,its my last attempt.

  22. ashish says:

    Dear sir,
    I have got 210 marks in rajyaseva prel. however i have a query. In paper 1 while filling roll number i had darken circle for 1 instead of 0, soon i realise the mistake and asked invigilator whether he could change answer sheet, he said he can’t, so i corrected it by myself by whitener. Still i had doubt, hence after completion of paper i went to center incharge in control room, he told me that there is no problem at all. One of the invigilator said that while filling HSC board exam forms(now its OMR based) they also do same mistake many times and correct it by whitener and OMR scanner accept it. But sir i still have doubt, couple of my friends suggested me to write a letter to mpsc…What do you think sir, is it acceptable? Plz reply ASAP……..

  23. nilesh kolekar says:

    dear sir,psi sti assist.prelim andaje kadhi hoil ?

  24. mayur says:

    thnx sir for the cutoffs…waiting for the final answer key….
    SIR when can we expect the result of rajyaseva pre2013???

  25. sachin says:

    respected sir ,as per ur cut off ,minimum marks for obc are less than and nt ,is so


    Dear sir
    I am currently working at SBI .should I take leave for mains study.
    I have got 170
    I am quite confused.

  27. monali says:

    Sir tumhi mains sathi books sughest kru shakal ka?

  28. satishpol says:

    i have heard that mpsc have same merit for obc and general for prelium from last some exam. is it true? if such, will merit come down?.

  29. pankaj khaire says:

    I got 170 marks as per answer key & belongs to sc category.Do me have chance for mains?

  30. rashmi says:

    thank u sir.
    sir, maza score 165.5 aahe, obc category.
    aani sir nuktach mala sti ch shifaras patr milal aahe.

  31. swapnil says:

    sir i have got 182 marks in mpsc prelim 2013 but i have got 68 marks in paper 1 .i am belong to st category . can i appear for main

  32. Tejas says:

    Dear Sir,
    According to the answer key my score is 168 but my paper 1 score is 42 and I am in ST category so do you think I will be able to pass prelims considering my paper 1 score is low? And sir what could be the minimum cut off for paper 1?

  33. aarya says:

    i observed this blog from years .. cutoff given by sir always correct

  34. mahesh says:

    Thank you sir. Keep guiding us.

  35. Gitanjali says:

    Namaste sir ,
    Sir amhala tumchya blog cha khup upyog hoto , kahihi shanka asel ki lagech tumcha blog pahato ,Mi tumchya blog roj ch pahate , sir proper mahiti fakt tumchya kadun ch milate ani tumche khup khup dhanyavad ki tumhi tumcha bahumulya vel kadhun amha sarvana veloveli margdarshan karata …. Lots of thanks ….. 🙂

  36. अभिजीत जहागीरदार says:

    धन्यवाद सर ! तुम्ही cutoff बद्दल दिलेल्या माहितीमुळे एक निश्चित ध्येय ठरवता येईल

  37. alphaqsecc says:

    UPSC strictly adheres to the total marks scored in P-I and P-II irrespective of individual scores. There’s no clandestine formula scheme atleast in UPSC. Kindly confirm sir, is there any individual cutoff for P-I and P-II for MPSC prelims??

    • AnilMD says:

      @Abhijit, for your information, an individual cut off (that is called qualifying score) is always there and then score of both papers is taken into consideration to arrive at final cut-off. This calculation is insider job at UPSC. If this was not there then a person who gets 20% in one paper and 80% in other paper would get selected, isn’t it? To avoid such disparity, minimum qualifying marks in each paper is required and this is not disclosed by UPSC.

  38. Pravin says:

    Sir ,Hope ur predictions come true, however it seems 5% less for open category, anyways u hv just mentioned it only as posibility but ur blog is always valuable …..! guide in same way for PSI-Exam candidate …!
    Thank You

  39. dinesh dongre says:

    Don’t you think the aforesaid cutoff are too high I mean for General category candidate getting 130+ marks in paper 1 is too high and is quite a daunting task.. I mean its like scoring 65% marks in paper 1. I think there will be some minimum qualifying marks for each paper like 45% marks for general category candidate and 40% for reserved category rather than cutoff for each paper and then based on the Total marks secured by candidates MPSC will decide the overall cutoff marks to select candidate for mains. And finally going by the dynamic look of MPSC paper don’t you think the above mentioned cutoff for each paper is too vague. What is your opinion sir? And I would like to ask you whether MPSC has officially declared any such cutoff (as u call it) for each paper, I mean UPSC don’t have such kind of thing. UPSC consider only overall marks.

    • AnilMD says:

      @Dinesh, please do not forget that the UPSC aspirants are also in the queue for MPSC Prelims 2013 so the cut off is going to be high this year. There will be qualifying marks for each category but cut offs will be higher than qualifying marks. No, no cut off for each paper but the (inside) calculation is done for individual paper in order to arrive at a total cut off to avoid disparity among performers and MPSC doesn’t disclose this. Even UPSC also does this.

  40. Rahul Patil says:

    Hello sir,
    You had earlier mentioned that there wont be separate cut-off for 2 papers ,but the overall score that counts ,In that case if a student gets say 160 marks in paper 2 and 60-70marks in paper 1,would he still qualify(assuming 220 as cut off)?

  41. vijay says:

    dhanyawad sir! ur blog is always first to inform us about exam.

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