Sample Notes

Hi Friends

Here are few examples of actual notes created by one of our PGP candidates, Mr. Ketan Borkar (PGP Rajyaseva 2015, Location – Bulandshahr, near Delhi). He used Mind Mapping technique to create these notes.  He created these notes only after in-depth study of each topic from various books provided by us under PGP.

Aarogya-1 Aarogya-2 Aarogya-3 Aarogya-4 Aarogya-5 Aarogya-6 Aarogya-7

2 Responses to Sample Notes

  1. Mrs.snehal rajesh malge म्हणतो आहे:

    i am snehal ,32 years old,i have done Mcm. i have been wishing to prepare for STI,assistant exams since 6 years. but no body i have to look after my 4 years my husband not allow me join any classes.sir, can you help me that how can i prepare myself at home? could u guide me please…..sir i wanted to become successful woman in my life.
    Thank you

    • AnilMD म्हणतो आहे:

      @Snehal, of course, you are already a successful woman with a kid and settled family life. You are managing well. Go ahead with your dream. Plan your preparation and execute the plan with utmost sincerity. Yes, you can do the preparation at home. To know how to do it, either you read my “MPSC Success Mantra – The Complete Manual” or the 10 success mantras available at the bottom of this page. You can also join our PGP that can be completed from your home. Refer the “Courses” menu on this blog.

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