Why People Play With Their Career

Dear Friends

Today, I would like to discuss with you one of the major issues of MPSC aspirants. Why People Play With Their Career?

Lots of aspirants of MPSC State Services and UPSC Civil Services exam play with their career, knowingly or unknowingly. What they think regarding study material is utterly wrong. If you think that you can prepare for these toughest exams with just 2 or 3 books then, I am sorry to say that you will NEVER ever clear any of these exams.

If you closely look at the syllabus of each paper (Prelims as well as Main Exam), then you will understand that what MPSC/UPSC expects from you is not too much because you are going to run this nation. But as far as an aspirant like you is concerned, it is too much. You need to study a lot and you are expected to know each and everything under the SUN. Can you do it with just 2 or 3 or 10 books? Is this possible? No, not at all.

But can you make it possible? Yes, you can. How can you do it then my dear friend?

You need to refer to many books, magazines, India Year Book, Newspapers, Periodicals, TV News; study each and every important information and store it in your brain so that you can recollect it at the time of examination. How can you do it?

  • You should take a print out of the syllabus of each and every paper (Prelims and Mains – Compulsory as well as optional subjects).
  • Make a list of books for each topic of each paper.
  • Buy them.
  • Note down each and every topic and their corresponding page numbers in the book(s).
  • Write down your daily study plan so that you can cover each and every topic.

People say that our PGP programs are costly but now they may understand that what we provide is excellent and no other academy can even think of this. And most importantly, we provide this at your doorstep through our Personal Guidance Program. We do it for people like you who cannot attend any classes/lectures because you do not have time for this. You can avoid traveling everyday. You can sit in the comforts of your own home and study at your own convenient time for next 12 or 24 months. Can any other academy provide you with this? No, not other than our very own AD’s IAS Academy.

We not only provide 60-75 books but we also provide in-depth study plans, mock test papers, 3 magazines, etc. We prepare you for the Main exam, right from beginning. We create the exam atmosphere (at your own home) right from the start so that you can feel at ease during real exam. We are expert at this.

Our PGP (Personal Guidance Program) is prepared based on your available time, your daily schedule. We provide everything and all you need to do is follow the study plans. We also provide a Current Affairs Bulletin.

In other words, what we provide is a dish full of items and we will also provide the ways/processes to eat them AND you just need to eat them accordingly. Right my dear friend!

If you want to throw your burden on us, we are ready to take it for you and we will do everything for you to make sure that you clear this exam in your very next attempt.

Here are the details of the PGP.

40 Responses to Why People Play With Their Career

  1. tahir shaikh म्हणतो आहे:

    Dear Sir,
    I am working as a clerk in govt of maharashtra. I want to do study for STI, but from last two months i am not able to concentrate on study. can u pls advice me the study plan as per my schedule. My office time from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm.

    • AnilDabhade म्हणतो आहे:

      @Tahir, in order to prepare the study plan a lot of calculation needs to be done. A study plan is based on total period available from now till the date of exam, total subjects (Prelims and Mains), number of books available, number of hours you can devote everyday, total number of pages of every book you have (it could be thousands 🙂 ), total number of pages you can complete everyday in the available hours, and total number of days required to complete each subject, etc. This is not so simple. Personal study plans are part of our PGP (Personal Guidance Program) so if you wish you can join our PGP. More details are available under “Courses” menu on this blog.

  2. Vikram singh म्हणतो आहे:

    Hello sir
    I am 25 year old boy nd want to prepare for mpsc,bt the problem is that i cant decide how should i start to study?i mean m probebly cnfused about time management for each subject?plzzz help me sir

  3. swapnil म्हणतो आहे:

    sir I am doing job because my economical condition, but my strongwill is to be deputy collector… I am 22 years old n sc caste .. how I can manage??

  4. Pradip म्हणतो आहे:

    Dear sir, I am now 30, is to possible to crack mpsc exam with my current job. I will have capacity doing study for 5 hours daily. Is it sufficient. Please suggest

  5. bandu adlinge म्हणतो आहे:

    sir i m wathch steep fall in student in reginal languages in upsc. sir i think now days taking marathi lang. in main in upsc is not sufficient as campare to english. sir i m avg. student in english so, what i will do try hard in english or think to marathi sir i really need your help

  6. Swapnil म्हणतो आहे:

    Hello sir,
    currently i m persuing mca last year ,but you know i am not intersted to work in I.T field but the problem is that my family accepting me good salary from me it is painful thing to heart them i m intersted to government job.Is it too late to start preparation for mpsc?

  7. Dhananjay G म्हणतो आहे:

    Hello sir, I am MCA graduate presently working in IT company. but i always wanted to be ips officer n i m not getting time for preparation with job… so i m thinking to leav job n join upsc coaching… is it worth?

    • AnilMD म्हणतो आहे:

      @Dhananjay, apart from your job, if you can devote 3 to 4 hours on weekdays and 8-12 hours on weekends for 1 to 2 yrs then join our NextGenPGP for UPSC and we will get your preparation done well in time. All you need to do is be honest with our study plans, weekly/monthly tests, etc. If you wish, you may call me to discuss this. Numbers are available on the blog banner.

  8. Khemeshwar म्हणतो आहे:

    Dear sir,

    Your efforts to make availability of such vast programs to aspirants is highly appreciated!

    I am postgraduate in Agricultural science (Horticulture) from United Kingdom. I never had thought of preparing for MPSC and UPSC before because my interest were rooted in obtaining quality education first and then utilize that experience through the services like research, teaching.

    I have been working with one of the leading PVT agriculture College since I am returned from UK and recently I have left the job to seek another opportunity where I can explore my skills. Based on my qualification and previous experience I may get another job.

    Here my question is, my parents are expecting me to clear either MPSC or UPSC, since they want to see my name published in newspaper under the head of successful candidates. But I am thinking it in different way….

    1) Have u seen anyone preparing for Competitive examination after coming back from UK
    2) People would call me foolish If I do that, as there was no necessity to go UK if I wanted to do preparation for competitive.
    3) I am 26 years old and belongs to reservation SC

    4) so is it possible to start the preparation at this stage???? or shall I continue with my current field.
    5) Will it possible to prepare for it while attending the job???

    I am confused and waiting to hear from you.

    • AnilMD म्हणतो आहे:

      @Khemeshwar, 1) Yes, a Maharashtrian Doctor (MD) from London contacted me and started preparation for MPSC State Services. 2) There is nothing wrong if someone goes overseas for higher education and then serves his home state or country as civil servant. 🙂 3) You can apply for MPSC till the age of 38 yrs. 4) Of course, you are not late at all. 5) Yes, you can prepare for 1 year, along with your job.

      • Khemeshwar म्हणतो आहे:

        Dear sir,

        Thanks for attending my post and such a enthusiastic reply.

        May I know which will better suits me MPSC or UPSC?

        I am good at Basic sciences, history , english, computer literacy.

        And is there any possibility of coming add of Agricultural MPSC this year too. ?

        And also mention any PGP program can suit me so I can think and go ahead.

        And will it possible to complete the preparation in one year if I can spare max 4-5 hours daily, and full Sunday and other holidays????? (Most imp)

        Thanking you.

  9. Swapnil म्हणतो आहे:

    Dear Sir,
    I am a Science Postgraduate. Currently I am working in Pharma MNC-a Clinical Research organisation with a six digit salary in Pune. I am from Pune and I am 25 Years old.
    I am not happy with this corporate culture and their monotony.
    I wish to opt for a carrer in Police Department. But I have several questions…
    Is thinking to clear PSI Exam/MPSC/UPSC at this stage of life indicates I am too late?
    Can I study while doing job as you know it’s a sort of a recession kind of environment in corporate industry?
    Am i eligible for Medical and Healthcare posts in Maharashtra/India Governemrnt ?
    When Should I give my first attempt?
    Please guide me I need your opinion…

  10. ATUL म्हणतो आहे:

    With 5 books i have clear rajyaseva pre two times and PSI pre, mains With 7 books two extra for English and marathi other 5 are same used for rajyaseva pre so dear sir what to do with these 65 books I think you should me qualitative rather than quantitative . I think it is good to read one book again and again than read of 10 different books single time .

    • anilmd म्हणतो आहे:

      @Atul, good luck with your limited books. Our system is to cover each and every topic with sufficient books. Do you think that 7 books are sufficient? MPSC/UPSC exam need wider reading and extensive study and we follow this. At this time, new syllabus of Main requires one to refer 55 books to cover entire syllabus. And our preparation strategy is well explained on this blog. We NEVER suggest to read books only ONCE.

  11. Jeevan म्हणतो आहे:

    Dear Sir,
    I am a Pharmacy Postgraduate. I did my M.Pharma from a best college in India. Currently I am working in Pharma MNC with a six digit salary in mumbai. I am from Nashik and I am 25 Years old.I have also cleared a GRE/TOEFL exam required for PhD abroad. But now I think I do not belong here. I am utterly depressed seeing apathy of the govt officers to improve conditions in my nashik. They are only active during Sinhast period. They are doing work only in periods around election. I want to change deterioration conditions of my District and hence wish to clear MPSC. But I have several questions…
    Is thinking to clear MPSC at this stage of life indicates I am too late?
    Can I study while doing job (because pota panyach baghav lagat sir)?
    Which posts I am eligible for(Considering my education,and also I am fit as well)?
    When Should I give my first attempt?

    I do have several options for my career, I need your opinion…

  12. shamal म्हणतो आहे:

    Hello Sir,
    Plz can u tell me, how is the marking system in mpsc exam?is there -ve marking system ?

  13. Jay म्हणतो आहे:

    Dear Sir,

    Anyone who is of 29 yrs & if decide to do UPSC seriously Is sit possible? Of course he will be from OBC. What will you suggest? What type of preparation will be rquired?


  14. Yash म्हणतो आहे:

    mi Yash ,
    PSI / Tahsildar ya padansathi sadharan 2011 madhe pariksha kontya mahinyat astil, pls mala majyha email id varati kalwa.

  15. Mahesh Parab म्हणतो आहे:

    Dear Sir,

    Pls tell me which books i refer for preliminary exam held on 13 th feb 2011.

  16. Rakesh म्हणतो आहे:

    Dear sir,
    can you please tell me what are current openings for which MPSC is taking exam…

  17. पिंगबॅक MPSC Rajyaseva Prelims 2011 « AnilMD's Blog – Free Guidance for UPSC & MPSC State Services Exam 2010

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