PSI-Physical Test Details

Hi Friends

Here are details of the physical test for PSI Exam:

Total Marks: 100

You need to score minimum 50 marks out of 100 then only you will be called for Interview else no.

Total 4 events: For Men

1) Running : 50 Marks

  • 800 meters (to be covered in 2 min 30 seconds) – 50 Marks
  • 800 meters (if covered in 2 min 30 seconds – 2 min 40 seconds) – 44 Marks
  • 800 meters (if covered in 2 min 40 seconds – 2 min 50 seconds) – 35 Marks
  • 800 meters (if covered in 3 min 20 seconds – 3 min 30 seconds) – 12 Marks
  • 800 meters (if covered in more than 3 min 30 seconds) – 00 Marks

2) 8 Pull Ups: 20 Marks (2.5 marks per pull up, i.e. 8 x 2.5 =20 marks)

3) Long Jump : 15 Marks (4.5 meters)

  • if the jump is less than 2.5 meters then 0 marks

4) Shot Put (गोळा फेक  weight- 7kg 260 gms) : 15 Marks

  • Need to throw beyond 7.5 meters: 15 Marks
  • If thrown less than 5 meters: 0 Marks

Total 3 events: For Women

1) Running : 40 Marks

  • 200 meters

2) Walking: 40 Marks

  • 3 Kms

3) Shot Put (गोळा फेक  weight- 4kg) : 20 Marks

  • Disclaimer: The above data has been given to you for informational purpose. Please clarify this from the authorities. You can visit Police Headquarters in your city and confirm the details of the events. I am just a guide to all of you and I must not be held responsible for any error(s).

138 Responses to PSI-Physical Test Details

  1. Mithun says:

    sir sti exam sathi konte computers cource aavshk aahe.,

  2. shyam shelke says:

    Respected sir,
    mazya cheek(galavar) pimplechi Gath /phode (boravani) tayar zali .tar PSI medica EXAM MADHE problem yeyil ka ?

    please suggest/guide me.

  3. clayton says:

    i had meet sum years bfore in accident n broke my wrist n a rod was put in it n now its removed so can i give psi exam

  4. giriraj says:

    I m in havildar post in army but ,I wnt to try psi post in Maharashtra.,pls can u say information about Facility of army person To join Sub inspector post

  5. Ajit says:

    Sir, PSI sathi height kiti avashak aste

  6. nandkishor kakde says:

    i want psi main exam paper two new syllabus details

  7. Akash fating says:

    any scope for COMPUTER ENGINEERS in POLICE?

  8. parmar brijraj says:

    me s.y.bsc me hu muje p.s.i ki exam pass kar ni hai

  9. Anuvaish says:

    Sir mai 12 the ki exam di abi just to psi k liye prepration start karu

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