Monthly Schedule – Jan 2015

This is the monthly Schedule of activities of NextGenPGP for the month of Jan 2015. This schedule is ONLY for our registered students of NextGenPGP for Rajyaseva 2014-15-16/UPSC Civil Services Exam 2014-15-16/MPSC PSI/STI/Asst Exam 2014-15-16.

Test/Program Schedule/Topic Medium


ADIA Surprise Test (AST)

  • A topic is presented just 1 minute before the test starts and then about 20 questions are asked. All those who know the answer post it to the presenter (AnilMD).
  • After getting candidates’ answer, correct answer is given on the group chat.
  • After AST is complete, same night, an email is sent to each participant with all questions and correct answers along with a list of additional sub-topics that needs to be researched and completed by the PGP candidate by 7pm next day.
Every night at 9PM

  • 2 Jan 15 -AST#2015#1#1-Topic –GS Paper 1
  • 4 Jan 15 – AST#2015#1#2-Topic – GS Paper 1
  • 7 Jan 15- AST#2015#1#3-Topic – GS Paper 1
  • 8 Jan 15- AST#2015#1#4-Topic – GS Paper 1
  • 10 Jan 15- AST#2015#1#5-Topic – GS Paper 1
  • 12 Jan 15- AST#2015#1#6-Topic – GS Paper 1
  • 15 Jan 15- AST#2015#1#7-Topic – GS Paper 1
  • 16 Jan 15- AST#2015#1#8-Topic – GS Paper 1
  • 18 Jan 15- AST#2015#1#9-Topic – GS Paper 1
  • 19 Jan 15- AST#2015#1#10-Topic – GS Paper 1
  • 20 Jan 15- AST#2015#1#11-Topic – GS Paper 1
  • 22 Jan 15-AST#2015#1#12-Topic – GS Paper 1
  • 27 Jan 15 AST#2015#1#13-Topic – GS Paper 1
  • 28 Jan 15AST#2015#1#14-Topic – GS Paper 1
  • 29 Jan 15AST#2015#1#15-Topic – GS Paper 1
  • 30 Jan 15AST#2015#1#16-Topic – GS Paper 1
  • 31 Jan 15AST#2015#1#17-Topic – GS Paper 1
WhatsApp (on mobile)


  • Quick overview and understanding of the current affairs issue
  • An important topic is known to the MPSC/UPSC aspirant so that he can cover it if he/she missed it.
  • Encourages in-depth preparation
  • Keeps the MPSC/UPSC aspirant Up-to-date
  • Allows quick exchange of information
 Oral-Test Once in a week

  • Each individual PGP candidate undergoes the Oral Test on a topic (according to the subject already covered in the study plan of the month).
  • As per candidates convenience
WhatsApp (on mobile)


  • Quick testing of the knowledge gained by the PGP candidate and understanding his/her difficulties
  • PGP candidate gets valuable practice in answering difficult questions.
  • Feedback from the PGP candidate about the subject/study plan.
 Knowledge-Test Once in a 15 days(email will be sent 1 week before and candidate must confirm the subject/topic according to his study plan & date of KT so that it can be conducted on the appointed date and time.) eMail & WhatsApp


  • Candidate definitely revises his subject knowledge before the KT.
  • Facilitates retrieval of knowledge that was not tested.
  • Reduces forgetting
  • Identifies gap in knowledge
  • Improves self confidence
  • Encourages candidates to study
  • Motivates study and reduces procrastination  (habit of delaying studies)
 CSAT Alternate day at 9PM 

  • 03 Jan 15:  CSAT#2015-#1-#1- Topic – GS Paper 2
  • 05 Jan 15- CSAT#2015-#1-#2- Topic – GS Paper 2
  • 09 Jan 15-CSAT#2015-#1-#3- Topic – GS Paper 2
  • 15 Jan 15 -CSAT#2015-#1-#4- Topic – GS Paper 2
  • 17 Jan 15 -CSAT#2015-#1-#5- Topic – GS Paper 2
  • 20 Jan 15 – CSAT#2015-#1-#6- Topic – GS Paper 2
  • 31 Jan 15 -CSAT#2015-#1-#7- Topic – GS Paper 2
eMail & WhatsApp


  • Encourages candidates to study
  • Improves candidates speed in answering tricky questions
 DebateDiscussion Once in a month

  • Every NextGenPGP student will participate. The topic is known in advance to all candidates so that they can prepare well in advance.
eMail & WhatsApp


  • Improves critical thinking skills
  • Candidate prepares before the debate to be ready for anything so this helps in gaining knowledge about the topic.
 PPT-Presentations Once in a monthPowerpoint or WhatsApp Presentation – on Internet through Online Debate/Discussion tool or WhatsApp.  3 Candidates will present PPT on that day. Computer/Laptop/ WhatsApp


  • Facilitates identify main points of a topic
  • Facilitates learning and remembrances of main points
  • Helps organize thinking process
 Competition-Contest Once in a monthCandidate submits it on any day of the month through eMail. Prior intimation will be given about the topic. eMail & WhatsApp


  • Improves research ability
  • Improves information organizing skills
  • Improves Data Interpretation and Numeracy/Data Analysis
  • Candidate should send few pages of each subject.
  • Candidate is asked to submit it 7 days after study plan is received.


  • Helps candidate understand own learning
  • Improves information organizing skills
  • Provides key points for quick revision at short time (just before exam)
 WorkBooks Once in a monthWorkbook will be sent through email and candidate should complete it within that month. eMail


  • Improves learning/recalling process
  • Improves knowledge
  • Improves exam writing skills
  • Improves time management
 Weekly_Essay_Assignment Once in a week(email will be sent on Friday and you must reply it before 11:59PM on Sunday i.e. midnight):

  • 03 Jan 15 – Status – Scheduled. Topic – WEA#2015-1-1-Black Money—Basic Issues in Bringing it Back


  • Improves writing skills and writing speed
  • Helps put down thoughts on paper
  • Improves analyzing skills
  • Improves conceptual thinking
  • Improves language
Self-Assessment Test – Online Testing (at Topic-wise Tests after completion of Study Plan eMail & Online


  • Test your preparation already done through the study plans.
  • As per own convenience.

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