2015 – STI Prelims – Expected Cut Offs

Update – 11 Apr 2015

STI Prelims 2014 – Revised Expected Cut Offs (Exam conducted on 1 Feb 2015)

Please DO NOT ask queries related to Cut Offs. Please refer these cut offs for your category. All questions related to this will be deleted as I have to give time to other queries.

Open Category

GENERAL – 32-35
FEMALE – 30-32

SC Category

GENERAL – 30-33
FEMALE – 30-32

ST Category

GENERAL – 30-32
FEMALE – 25-28

DT(A) Category

GENERAL – 32-35
FEMALE – 30-32

NT(B) Category

GENERAL –32-35

SBC Category

GENERAL –32-35

NT(C) Category

GENERAL – 32-35
FEMALE – 30-32

OBC Category

GENERAL –32-35
FEMALE – 30-32


Hearing Impaired – 25-28

6 Responses to 2015 – STI Prelims – Expected Cut Offs

  1. Vaibhavi Todankar म्हणतो आहे:

    Sir mi majha sti ani rajyaseva pre cha form open category madhna bharla aahe.
    ani mi non creamy layer madhe “no” talkh aahe karan majya kade nahi aahe te certificate.
    So mala mains chya merit list madhe General-female madhe consider krnar ka.
    Ani mala cutoff kutla consider krava lagel general madhla ki general female madhla.
    Aata mi ji merit list bagitli tithe saglya mulina general female ash consider kelh aahe..

    • AnilMD म्हणतो आहे:

      @वैभवी, तुम्ही क्रिमी लेयर मध्ये येता असे तुम्हीच क्लेम केलय त्यामुळे ओपन जनरल मधून कन्सिडर केल्या जाईल.

  2. vijay agale म्हणतो आहे:

    sir rajysewa mains 2015 cha cut off kay lagel

  3. amit म्हणतो आहे:

    This cut off by considering 1:8 ratio or 1:14 ratio?

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