18 Responses to Prelims

  1. amol says:

    sir, i am a police constable maz question ahe ki how to start upsc preparation

    • AnilMD says:

      @Amol, you should refer, get a copy of the syllabus, purchase 70-80 books in total for Prelims and Mains. Subscribe to 4-5 newspapers, 4-5 monthly magazines. Read everything and prepare your own Notes. Attempt lots of mock tests. Everything I said, needs to be planned well, executed well and completed well before the Prelims. So I suggest at least 450 days preparation for UPSC.

  2. dipak says:


    • AnilMD says:

      @दीपक, मराठीमधूनच पण काही प्रश्न इंग्रजीत असू शकतात तर त्यावेळी तुम्ही त्यांना विनंती करू शकता कि “कृपया, ह्या प्रश्नाचे उत्तर मराठीतून देवू का?”.

  3. dipali says:

    hello sir,
    mi dipali
    mala sampoorna upsc marathi madhun dyaychi ahe.tar tasa criteria ahe ka?
    and maza mains sathi sub marathi vagmay ahe ….tar tyasathi tumhi pustake nemki konti vachavit he sangal ka….

    • AnilMD says:

      @दिपाली, फक्त मुख्य परीक्षा मराठीतून देता येईल. परंतु प्रश्नपत्रिका मराठीत नसतात. पूर्व आणि मुख्य दोन्ही परीक्षेचे पेपर्स हिंदी व इंग्रजीतच असतात.

  4. Shweta says:

    Please suggest me some good book for english comprehension and verbal reasoning..

  5. sandeep chavan says:

    Sir, I am Preparation for UPSC I want prepar to marathi language
    how to prepartion my aim reach to early

  6. Sam says:

    Regarding UPSC having some questions.
    1) How to calculate marks ?
    2) 1/3 negative marking means for 3 wrong answers there is 2 marks cutting . correct me if im wrong
    3) expected cufoff category wise
    Thanks in anticipation !!!

  7. umesh says:

    maze nav umesh ahe mi UPSC baddal kahich mahit nahi . tar mala UPSC baddale thodi mahiti sangal ka

  8. i am bhau pawar i am in thane teaching at parshavanath college of engineering i want to become a IAS or IFS i am second year student so plese sir tell me this is poosible for me
    sir plese inform me what i do & i am not completed graduation but i want try prilims exam of UPSC
    SO plese sir inform me what i do at this time

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